You know that health is not a medical intervention, but a life-long journey that transforms a person’s destiny.

As a Energy Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach, you will empower clients and loved ones to create exceptional health by making energetic, emotional, nutritional, and lifestyle interventions.


Become an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach anytime, anywhere, from your laptop or tablet!


Receive your training as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach live, on-site, at our amazing campuses.

Shamanic Energy Medicine is for You If…

You want your work and your passion be one and the same

You want skills you can take with you wherever you go

You want to earn your income from an ethical endeavor

You want a path with a heart

At the Light Body School, you will receive the world’s most thorough training in Shamanic Energy Medicine, combined with cutting-edge practices in nutrition, biology and neuroscience. You will be mentored by the best!

Dr. Alberto Villoldo has researched the Amazon and Andean shamans for more than thirty years and has authored more than 15 books on energy medicine. Our visiting faculty includes Mark Hyman, MD; David Perlmutter, MD; Brooke Medicine Eagle; Dr. Joe Dispenza; Dr. Bruce Lipton; Greg Bradden, and renowned shamans.


Your Experience Speaks Louder than Words

“I worked with kids who had suffered immense trauma … this program taught me the skills to deal with the source, with what happened to the children when they were small. I took my private practice and career even further… My life expanded. It just blew up after attending the Light Body School program.”

-Sarah Green, Energy medicine practitioner and founder of HeartLight Services, author, and radio host 


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