Grow a New Body – Chile

Renew, Refresh, Restore, Regenerate!

With Dr. Alberto Villoldo

Are you feeling the need for a reset, want to shed unwanted pounds, and come to a new level of energy and wellbeing?
In just 8 days you will take the steps to exceptional health so your healthspan can equal your lifespan!​Detoxifying nutraceuticals clear away the brain fog, bring you increased clarity and energy, and protect your brain.

8 days of bliss…Specially probiotics and tonics prepared in our Earth-lab repair the gut, silence the genes that create disease, and switch on the longevity genes. IV Infusions at the clinic detoxify the body and brain and trigger tissue regeneration. Longevity medicine and modern science meet here!
Includes 22 spa treatments, IV infusions and shaman sessions.  

In our exclusive Grow a New Body retreat, you will sample the brain foods and nutrients that repair the brain, regulate cellular energy production, and reverse the damage done by free radicals and oxidative stress.

February 1  – February 8, 2022

(Airfare and lodging not included)

Limited to 12 persons.

WhatsApp: +1-305-305-6825 or

Nestled in Chile’s coastal mountain range and adjoining a World Biosphere Preserve, Los Lobos Sanctuary is a health spa and shamanic monastery. Inspiring views, crystal-clear skies and breathtaking sunsets are the backdrop for guests to enjoy the intimate luxury and serenity of the grounds and the delicious local and organic fare.

All programs at Los Lobos Sanctuary include transportation on the day the program starts and ends. Lodging is not included and must be booked separately.

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