ADvcanced Soul retrieval & Destiny Retrieval*

with Alberto Villoldo

Are you feeling the need for a major reset? Do you want to shed unwanted pounds, and come to a new level of energy and wellbeing? In just 7 days you will take the steps to exceptional health so your healthspan can equal your lifespan!​ Detoxifying nutraceuticals clear away the brain fog, bring you increased clarity and energy, and protect your brain. Special probiotics and tonics prepared in our Earth-lab repair the gut, silence the genes that create disease, and switch on the longevity genes. IV Infusions at the clinic detoxify the body and brain and trigger whole-body regeneration. Longevity medicine and modern science meet here!

*Please note that this is a residential training that will take place in Los Lobos Sanctuary in Chile and will be held in English.

Event Info: