Shaman’s Kitchen


with Alicia Boyes & Alberto Villoldo

Transform your cooking, transform your health. What and how we prepare our meals is essential to our wellness; mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Drawing upon the brilliance of plant intelligence while enhancing fundamental kitchen skills we are able to nourish and heal ourselves and others at an essential level.

Guiding you through the principles of cooking, specific techniques, and the importance of ingredients we will explore how to create delicious nourishing meals through hands-on activities and guidance. You are invited to step into the kitchen as a practice of connecting to yourself and the bounty of the earth.

This course is based on the Grow a New Body Cookbook, an opportunity for you to gain confidence and learn new ways to approach your kitchen as a sanctuary of health and deliciousness. Feel the clarity of mind, the connectedness of spirit, and the vibrance of body, because you are worthy of feeling your best.

*Please note that this is a residential training that will take place in Los Lobos Sanctuary in Chile and will be held in English.

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