Alberto Villoldo & Marcela Lobos & the Q’ero Shamans – Prague

From October 1 – 2, Alberto Villoldo and the Q’ero shamans from Peru will present their teachings for personal transformation. It is rare that indigenous shamans from South America leave their villages and let people from outside participate in their traditions and wisdom. In the great shamanic initiation we have the unique opportunity to receive teachings for personal transformation and renewal directly from the Earthkeepers from the high Andes of Peru.

Join Alberto Villoldo, Marcela Lobos and the Q’ero Shamans as they lead initiation rites and ceremonies that serve to transform the self and help usher in a new era for humanity. Together we will experience energetic transmissions from wisdom guardians in the ancient Incan tradition during a fire ceremony. These transmissions help us create a body that heals and ages differently, and allow us to dream a new world into being. Furthermore, Alberto Villoldo and the Shamans will offer an updated and living reading of their prophecies for the time after 2022.

The Four Winds Society offers the world’s most thorough training in Shamanic Energy Medicine combined with cutting-edge practices in nutrition, biology and neuroscience.

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