Working with the Sacred | Advanced Journey


with Marcela Lobos

Maps of reality help us navigate the vast territory of our personal and collective psyche. In this program, you learn how your deep beliefs are rooted in the myths and stories told by culture, society and family. Marcela shares the lessons of modern depth psychology— where you learn about the Ego, the Self, the Personal and Collective Unconscious, and immersive dream work. You will acquire a working knowledge of the archetypes, the universal images, energies, and events; and you will explore the heroic feminine and masculine journeys and their sacred marriage. This is a hands on class with story-telling, exploratory primordial movement, embodiment of archetypal forms, drawing, and more. Come prepared for exhilaration!

*Please note that this is a residential training that will take place in Los Lobos Sanctuary in Chile and will be held in English.

Event Info: