I Can Do It!®️- A Hay House Premiere Event – English

I Can Do It!®️ – A Hay House Premiere Event – English

This residential event will take place in Tampa in Florida and will be held in English.

I Can Do It!®️ is officially back—featuring the most comprehensive lineup of self-help teachers, spiritual guides, and healing experts you’ll ever see! Over 100,000 people have attended this life-changing event since 2004, and now it’s your turn.

Discover the tools you need to stand center stage in your own life and proudly accept that YOU can do it. Join your favorite Hay House authors and a supportive community. This will be a weekend to remember—filled with ah-ha moments, self-care, and new friends. And after all we’ve been through these last few years, don’t you deserve a weekend dedicated to you?


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