Join Dr. Alberto Villoldo on a journey to the sacred mountain of Pachatusan, the legendary protector of the wisdom of the Earthkeepers – the medicine men and women charged with the stewardship of all living beings on the Earth.

During this expedition, we will take part in sacred ceremonies and rites of initiation with the shamans and prophecy-keepers of the Andes. And, in ceremonies in millenary lagoons, we will receive the blessings of the ancient masters of this land, as we heal from the stories from our past.

This rugged expedition includes two nights of camping at an altitude of almost 14,000 feet, and extensive hiking at altitude. The expedition is open only to participants in the 2022 Via Illuminata, who have already acclimated to altitude. Participants must be in good physical shape.

Call on the medicine of the jaguar and receive its lessons for the journey beyond death.
Visit the Temple of Tipon, the “palace of flowers,” and ceremony at the Sun Temple.
Pray at millenary lagoons and meet the Keeper of the Sacred Mountain.
Shed the lifelessness that resides within each of us and break the spell of the nightmare of history.
Receive rites of initiation as an Earthkeeper.


April 21-26, 2022

Land costs $1,950 for double occupancy (double tent will be provided for you);
$2,350 for single occupancy (single tent will be provided for you).