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Call us now at
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Join Deva Premal, Miten, Manose, Marcela Lobos and Dr. Alberto Villoldo for a feast of music and shamanic wisdom in the magical Sacred Valley in Peru.

We begin each day with morning yoga and an expedition to ancient temples, where we take part in ceremonies with the Andean shamans. In the early evening we immerse ourselves in the healing world of mantras and sacred songs, exploring sound, silence and meditation.

In this healing environment, we are enveloped in a joyful, inspirational, and loving rejuvenation of the spirit.

Come into harmony with the original sound of the Universe.
Explore the wisdom of the ancients in temples in the clouds.
Take part in ceremonies led by renowned medicine men and women of the Andes.
Receive rites of initiation as an Earthkeeper.

Watch Dr. Alberto Villoldo talk about our expeditions.


June 3-10, 2018

Land costs $2,000 triple occupancy (waitlist); $2,800 for double occupancy;
and $3,600 for single occupancy.
With hotel upgrade: $3,100 for double occupancy; and $3,900 for single occupancy (waitlist).
Please call us to be placed on a waiting list for Triple occupancy.

Optional Machu Picchu Day Trip*

Your day trip begins with a scenic train ride along the Urubamba River to Machu Picchu (7,875 foot elevation), where guides will walk you through the fabled “City of Light.” When guided walk concludes you can continue to explore the sanctuary at your own pace. Afterwards, you may visit the local craft markets in Aguas Calientes, before our afternoon return to our hotel.

This expedition is offered through Welsat.**

The last day to register for this optional day trip is May 2, 2018.

Register Here

*Excursion day takes place during the expedition.
**Third party provider, all payments and arrangements are managed by WELSAT.

Optional Sacred Valley Extension**

In-depth play and exploration with Alberto and the Shamans of the High Andes. You must be in good physical condition to join as there will be high-altitude hiking to sacred places.

Hosted by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

June 10-15, 2018

Single Occupancy, $2,350 (Single tent will be provided for you). Double Occupancy: $1,950 (Double tent will be provided for you). Deposit: $500 (Non-refundable, payment in full must be made 60 days prior to program start date.)

Register Online

**Included in price: Transportation to and from airport on the day the event starts and ends, breakfast, all meals, and lodging or tent during camping portion). For shared occupancy we will assign rooms based on gender.



“The music we make is born out of a committed spiritual practice. We meditate – we investigate – and our music is a result of that experience. It’s more a case of life and death than entertainment….”

Flame carriers of a 5,000-year-old tradition, Deva Premal and Miten are at the forefront of the burgeoning world-wide chant phenomenon. They are one of the major contributors to the soundtrack of just about every 21st century alternative healing modality, from rehab/detox/stress management clinics to yoga studios, spas and meditation centres, shamanic gatherings and ceremonies in the depths of the Amazon, and throughout the world. Merging ancient mantras of India and Tibet with contemporary musical settings, their debut album The Essence introduced a unique musical genre.

Manose’s hometown, Boudha, Nepal, stands on the ancient route leading from the Himalayan mountains down into the Kathmandu valley. His real relationship with music began when Madan Dev Bhatta, a disciple of Ustad Bishmillah Khan, initiated him into the study of classical raga music, often known as North Indian classical music. He is a founding member of the classical raga group Sukarma, he has toured all over the world, and it is his ongoing pleasure to be Nepal’s musical ambassador to the world.

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