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1. Can I come if I am not a mountaineer? There is no technical climbing involved. When we visit the islands, we walk over cobblestoned paths and there are no vehicles on the islands. Each day includes walking (at altitude).

2. What about the altitude? It is high, Lake Titicaca is at 12,600 feet. We acclimate to altitude in the Sacred Valley. Staying hydrated is one of the best preventions for altitude sickness and If you develop symptoms of altitude sickness you will be treated and if necessary, you will be taken down from the lake immediately in an emergency vehicle. As soon as you drop in altitude the symptoms generally resolve themselves.

3. Can I come if I am not a Four Winds student? No, this journey is open only to students and friends of Four Winds, and is limited to 16 people.

4. Is Alberto with us during the Expedition? Alberto will not be joining this Expedition.