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1. Can I do the training for my own personal growth if I don’t want to be an energy medicine practitioner?
Many of our students enroll for their own healing and to learn the wisdom teachings of shamanism. About 40% of our students go on to create energy medicine practices and a new career.

2. Do I have to continue with the single classes or can I take the 28-day course?
We have changed the format of the Light Body School to a 300 – hour, 28 day training. If you have completed the North direction, we suggest you finish the East and the Three Masteries in their new condensed form.
If you have finished the South or the West, we encourage you to enroll for the entire four-week training, so you can experience the profound effects of the detox diet, the energy medicine and shamanic practices.
If you need like, you can enroll for a two-week segments. For instance, you can enroll for the Two-Week Part II in Germany or Chile.

3. Can I enroll in the 28-day training if I have already done the South and the West?
Yes, and you can attend the South and West for Free! The cost will be discounted from your tuition. Remember the 28-day training includes all Three Master Classes.

4. If I want to switch over to the new 300-hour format, will I receive credit for previous classes I attended?
Yes, you can switch over to the new format, but can only do so for Part II (North & East).

5. Do you offer scholarships and payment plans?
We have a scholarship program, and you can speak to one of our academic advisors about this. We also offer payment plans.

6. Do you offer refunds if I cannot complete the training?
We do not offer refunds, but you can have a credit for future programs if you cannot attend a class.

7. Does Dr. Villoldo attend all classes?
Alberto and Marcela are present for all 300 hour training programs unless specified in the course description, and classes are taught by them and other Four Winds teachers. The single Masters classes (ie. Working with the Sacred, Walking with Protection, Reading the Signs of Destiny) are taught by senior FWS teachers.

8. What is the benefit of the new 300-hour Model?
You have a complete moon cycle to bring about change in your body, brain, and luminous energy field. And you only have to book flights and babysitting once!
In addition, all Masters classes are woven into the program seamlessly, and you receive the benefit of the detox diet, the Brain bar, and the Kore Program (optional).

9. If I have already attended one of the Masters classes, how do I take the other two?
You can register for the Three Masteries and attend only the classes that you need. Or you can attend all three and pay only for the classes you have not yet taken! You get a free review!