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Led by Julie Hannon, Senior Faculty


August 19: Early morning departure for Lake Titicaca by luxury coach, where we enjoy breathtaking views of the Andean Altiplano with herds of wild vicuñas and llamas. On the way, we will make a quick stop to visit Raqch’i, home of the Temple of Wiracocha Temple of Wiracocha. As we continue our journey across the Altiplano we will also visit Sacred Waters/Caves in Tinajani to honor the feminine and our journey to the “Sea at the Top of the World”. Following a late afternoon arrival at our hotel by the lake, we celebrate evening opening ceremonies.

August 20: Early morning visit to the Temple of Fertility. Here, we will call forth the seed within us that is ready to burst into life. Later in the day we visit Amaru Muru, the Gate of the Gods, and return to our hotel by the lake.

August 21: Motor launch ride across the “Sea at the Top of the World.” First we visit the floating reed islands of the Uru people, and then make our way to the island of Amantani where we will spend the night. We explore Amantani and take part in ceremonies at the ancient pre-Inka temples of the masculine and the feminine. We participate in evening celebration with villagers and stay as guests in their homes.

August 22: We take our leave of the Amantani villagers and travel across the blue waters of this mystical lake to the island of Taquile, renowned for its fine weavings. The weavers on this island believe themselves to be weavers of luminous strands that hold the worlds together. After evening celebrations with the villagers, we enjoy their hospitality during our overnight stay at Taquile.

August 23: Return to Puno. During the day, we visit the ancient funerary towers of Sillustani. We then celebrate evening meditation and closing ceremonies. Overnight stay at our hotel by the lake.

August 24: Early morning departure to Juliaca Airport, for our flight back to Lima and connecting flights to your international destination.