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Dear students and graduates,

After a long winter and the rebirth of Spring, let’s remember the gift of audacity. The seedling must trust that it will find the sun’s life giving energy at just the right moment. Laying in the dark soil the seed can’t see the way to the sunlight, but it places its trust in the urge to push upwards. To be audacious, you must act. 

The practice of audacity requires that we give up our endless ruminating about what might happen if we act, and instead simply follow our instinct, like the acorn reaching for the sunlight. 

What is it that you are longing to do? Take a vacation, a change in career? Perhaps just find a few more minutes in the day? Many of us have found ourselves longing for a change and the difference between wishing for a few more minutes, or a change in career, is the audacity of saying yes, boldly moving forward and seeing what you will bring forth.

The shaman lives audaciously by daring to act differently again and again. Now, as the sun remains longer in the sky it is time to plant the seeds of our intention, allowing them to burst beyond the dark into the light. We are living in a time of great challenges that call for bold, authentic and creative responses. 

Say yes to what it is you long for, and act audaciously.



South Class

In the South class you will learn the 4 practices of Nonjudgement, Nonsuffering, Nonattachment, and Beauty while empowering yourself to bring healing to your community and those around you. (Read more)

Mastery of Time

Time is one of the great archetypal experiences of man, and has eluded all attempts at rational explanation. Come play at the razor’s edge where there is no clock time.  Learn the shaman’s skills for working outside of time – the place of all possibility – the place of infinity. (Read more)


The Adventure of a Lifetime

Join us in Peru for a unique opportunity to experience this diverse land of jungles and high sacred mountains while delving deeply into the roots of an ancient lineage of medicine men and women.


Via Illuminata
On the Via Illuminata you will find yourself participating in age-old rites and ceremonies, with Laika shamans at ancient archeological sites. (Read More)


Lake Titicaca Expedition
Journey to Lake Titicaca, the source and origin of the Inka, as you are surrounded by Islands virtually undisturbed since Inka times.  (Read More)

Practitioners Directory

The Four Winds Society is pleased to introduce our new online Practitioners Directory, a resource many of you have been clamoring for!.  

here to register and begin marketing your healing practice. 


Upcoming classes and events to begin
the journey
 and continue your education. 

Light Body South - Joshua Tree Retreat Center, CA - June 17-22, 2014 
During the South you will learn how to create sacred space wherever you are, to empower yourself and bring healing to those around you. The anatomy and physiology of the Luminous Energy Field will be explored in-depth.  (Read More)

Mastery of Time - Joshua Tree, California - June 17-22, 2014
Mastery of Time has always been an advanced practice for the shamans of our lineage.  Now it is also one of our most popular master level trainings. (Read More)

Via Illuminata, Peru’s Sacred Valley - July 13-25, 2014 
Come respond to your soul’s calling and explore a spiritual retreat to Peru’s Sacred Valley. Your trip is personal. You align with who you are becoming through sacred ceremony on ancient sites such as Tambomachay, Pisaq, Quillarumiyoc, Ollantaytambo, Moray and Sacsayhuaman. You are held in community and have the opportunity to connect with like-minded journeyers. (Read More)

Light Body South - Omega, New York - October 5-10, 2014 
During the South you will learn how to create sacred space wherever you are, to empower yourself and bring healing to those around you. The anatomy and physiology of the Luminous Energy Field will be explored in-depth. (Read More)

Light Body North - Omega NY - October 5-10, 2014
Just as a hummingbird makes the seemingly impossible migration from Canada all the way to Brazil, we too can embark on the epic mythic journey when Spirit calls.  Although we don’t know where we’re going or how we’ll get there, we will learn how to follow the soul’s guidance to the sweetest nectar to sustain us on our way. (Read More)

Rites and Initiations - Omega NY - October 12-17, 2014
Learn the passages that mark puberty, womanhood, manhood, and our sage years.  Explore the great initiations of shamanism.Journey through the Medicine Wheel as you revisit each transmission of energy in the classic form. Let the language of the Laika flow through you… (Read More)

Reading the Signs of Destiny - Omega, NY - October 12-17, 2014
Learn to recognize and align yourself with the signs provided by nature, randomness, and chance events. As you study the art of shamanic seeing and perceive the world of energy, you heed the cautions and seize the opportunities that Spirit offers you. (Read More)

Dying Consciously the Greatest Journey: Teacher’s Training - Joshua Tree, CA - October 17-19th, 2014
Death is the ultimate journey of liberation. We want to complete our unfinished business and be prepared to go on our greatest journey into infinity. We want to take the steps to journey home as cleanly as possible. Ancient teachings show us the way, describing the terrain and giving directions. In western culture there are not many teachings for after we die. (Read More)

You Are the Placebo
Dr. Joe Dispenza

Is it possible to heal by thought alone—without drugs or surgery? The truth is that it happens more often than you might expect.

In You Are the Placebo, best selling author Dr. Joe Dispenza combines the latest research in neuroscience, biology, psychology, hypnosis, behavioral conditioning, and quantum physics to demystify the workings of the placebo effect . . . and show how the seemingly impossible can become possible.  (Order here)


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