A couple of weeks ago we held
The Great Gathering, an annual event that brings together students and graduates of the Light Body School, and the faculty and staff of the Four Winds.

Nearly 200 shamans came together in ceremony, savoring the sweet nectar of our community and the power of our medicine; shared moments of infinity so exquisite that words cannot adequately express.

Our Ayni Hatum Despacho brought our individual and collective offerings of deep gratitude for Mother Earth, for our lives, for our community and our world.  A truly powerful moment of sacred communion with spirit and with each other.

The practice of Heart Coherence presented by our keynote speaker, bestselling author Gregg Braden, bridged science and spirituality as he reminded us all of the proven healing power of love. 

Compton Rom Bada brought further clarity into the science that supports microbial organisms which promote optimum health and increased wellness, paving the path to enlightenment embraced by the principles of One Spirit Medicine.

Senior faculty delved into the joyfully creative side of shamanism, and our ability to overcome limiting and disempowering beliefs bourn from addictions to old stories and external traumas.  An amazing weekend of information and empowering work that not only inspired but also served as a clear manifestation of the power of dreaming our world into being.

We thank Dr. Alberto Villoldo for sharing his vision and wisdom, and Marcela Lobos for bringing the sweetness and strength of the feminine force of life into our community. 

Our hearts are touched by the deep connection we shared, beneath time and space, which nurtured our souls, and reminded us that nobody stands alone.

We slowed down, stepped into the circle, and came to the fire.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making our gathering such a brilliant moment of love, tenderness, insightful teachings, peace, and courage. And for the joy - and the fun - that was shared by all.

We connected heart to heart, soul to soul, shaman to shaman. 

In deep gratitude,
The Four Winds staff

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