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My friends, shamans, family,

The following words are my story  my life from my new book
One Spirit Medicine, which I humbly share with you today:  


Everything was going well for me. Professionally I was at the top of my game, a best-selling author with 12 books to my credit, a researcher and medical anthropologist with a Ph.D. in psychology, a teacher and healer with a following worldwide. The Light Body School and the Four Winds Society that I founded had grown exponentially.  And close to my heart were the many inner gifts I had received on my spiritual path.

Just when it looked as if life couldn’t get any better, I was stopped in my tracks. Suddenly I was in a fight for survival that called on everything I’d learned in 30 years of studying with some of the world’s most gifted healers.

Three years ago, without warning, I found I couldn’t walk a hundred feet without collapsing in exhaustion. I knew something was terribly wrong. 

I received a battery of tests from medical specialists in Miami and the news was not good. Apparently, during my years of research in Indonesia, Africa, and South America I had picked up a long list of micro-organisms, including five different kinds of hepatitis virus, three or four varieties of parasites, a host of toxic bacteria, and assorted nasty worms. My heart and liver were close to collapse, the doctors said, and my brain was riddled with parasites. 

The doctors advised me to get my name on a liver transplant list. 

Instead I went to the Amazon, where the shamans welcomed me lovingly
friends who had known me for decades. And who knew me better than Mother Earth?  As I pressed my body to hers, Pachamama—Mother Earth—spoke to me expressing her love and gratitude for bringing so many of her children back to her. She was gifting me  a new liver, she was giving me my life. 

My return to the Amazon was the beginning of a return to myself. But first there was an enormous amount of work to do. I was gravely ill. I had to become a traveler on a healing journey in a way that I had demanded of others. 

I returned home and wiped my day planner clean, cancelling every talk, every lecture, every class. 

The spiritual medicine I received from the shamans was powerful, but I had to complement it with Western medicine. The doctors put me on a worm medication—the same type I give my dogs—and on antibiotics to kill other parasites. The worms themselves harbored parasites, so when I killed the worms, they released their parasites into my brain.

I was the patient who should have died, and now I would have to look death straight in the eye if I wanted to live. I would have to draw on everything I had learned walking the shamanic path: all the healing practices, all the techniques for growing a new body band growing a new brain, heart, and liver. 

With my friend David Perlmutter, M.D., I crafted a strategy using potent antioxidants to trigger the production of neural stem cells to repair my brain. What followed over the next months were countless Illuminations to clear the imprints of disease from my luminous energy field, soul retrievals to recover parts of myself I had lost to trauma, and out-of-body experiences in which my spirit took flight. 

A new contract with Spirit was required.  

I realized that I did not have to die literally. I could die symbolically. I could stay and heal myself so I could help and heal others. Once I made that choice,  I felt my spirit sinking roots into my body once again. Awe and wonder returned, as my brain fog began to clear and I saw my path. 

My return to health lasted more than a year. My good friend Mark Hyman, M.D., helped me put together a nutritional plan for healing. It included green juices in the morning and superfoods and supplements that boost the body’s self-healing systems and detox the liver and brain. I completely changed the way I eat. 

Today, I’m fully recovered. More accurately, I’m beyond recovered. My mind is functioning at a higher level than it has in decades. My brain is repaired, and so is my heart. And I have a new liver—not a transplant, but my own liver, fully regenerated!

During my health crisis I discovered that every organ in the body produces stem cell and we
 can learn to turn on these repair and healing systems to grow a new body that’s healthier and more resilient. This is accomplished by clearing the imprints of disease from the luminous energy field. 

I’ve been reluctant to share my healing journey until now. People tend to be skeptical of “miraculous” recoveries. When anyone asks, “What brought you back from the edge of death?” I usually say, “The grace of Spirit.” That’s true, but I know there’s more to it than that. What brought me back from the edge of death was One Spirit Medicine. 

One Spirit Medicine is based on ancient shamanic healing methods backed by the latest breakthroughs in modern neuroscience

My health crisis was more extreme than most. But the fact is, we’re all in a life-and-death struggle with the toxic forces of modern life that throw our health and wellbeing out of balance. Many of us feel stressed-out physically and emotionally, and wonder why, with all the antianxiety and antidepressant medications and relaxation techniques available, we don’t seem to be able to fix the problem. 

One Spirit Medicine can help you avoid the illnesses that are ravaging civilization today. The shamans of old were masters of prevention and you do not have to wait to be gravely ill to root out physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering and restore balance to your life. 

Using the principles and practices in this book, you can feel better in a few days and begin to clear your mind and heal your brain in a week. And in just six weeks you can be well on your way to a new body that heals rapidly and ages gracefully, and a brain that supports you in forging a profound connection with Spirit and experiencing a renewed sense of purpose in life. 

One Spirit Medicine can give you all that, just as it gave it to me. 

Many blessings,


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One Spirit Medicine
Join Alberto for a weekend workshop steeped in the practices and principles of One Spirit Medicine. Learn how to create a life of health and well-being. Book signing on May 9. Click here.
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One Spirit Medicine
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Peru 2015

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the culture and spiritual traditions of Peru? If so then join us for the adventure of a lifetime!
·  June 3 - 9  
One Spirit Amazon Expedition
·  June 11 - 23 Via Illuminata
·  June 11 - 24 Choquequirao    

Light Body School
South Class
Comes to Miami!

The world renowned Light Body School is coming to Miami! If you have been waiting to study with the Four Winds and have hoped for a class in the Southeast your wait is over. Join us May 17 – 22. (Read more)

Upcoming classes and events to begin
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continue your education

Light Body South - Wald-Michelbach, Germany - April 13-18, 2015
The anatomy and physiology of the Luminous Energy Field will be explored in-depth. Through the Illumination process, the core foundational healing practice of healing the light body, you will learn how to clear issues stored in the Luminous Energy Field… (Read More) 

Light Body North - Wald-Michelbach, Germany - April 13-18, 2015
Just as a hummingbird makes the seemingly impossible migration from Canada all the way to Brazil, we too can embark on the epic mythic journey when Spirit calls.  Although we don’t know where we’re going or how we’ll get there, we will learn how to follow the soul’s guidance to the sweetest nectar to sustain us on our way. (Read More)

Reading the Signs of Destiny - Wald-Michelbach, Germany - April 19-24, 2015
Learn to recognize and align yourself with the signs provided by nature, randomness, and chance events. As you study the art of shamanic seeing and perceive the world of energy, you heed the cautions and seize the opportunities that Spirit offers you. (Read More)

Light Body West - Omega, NY - May 03-08, 2015
Just as the jaguar has no predators in the jungle, learn to have no enemies in this world or beyond.  Leave behind the traditional archetype of the violent warrior and step into the shoes of the luminous warrior, who speaks only truth, walks truth, and calls truth. Break free from the grip of fear and prepare to journey beyond death. (Read More)

Working with the Sacred - Omega, NY - May 03-08, 2014
You will learn what makes people “stuck” on the level of the soul.  By working in ceremony, you will acquire valuable tools which allow you to honor what shows up on the mythic level, including the seemingly “negative” elements, so that you can bring healing, transformation, and balance to every situation and every encounter. (Read More)

Light Body East - Omega, NY - May 10-15, 2015
Take a giant leap of faith.  Come and be kicked out of the nest by Great Eagle so that you can spread your wings, soaring high above the world.  Forget the minute details of your life and your old identifications, and let yourself see everything from a greater perspective. (Read More)

Walking with Protection - Omega, NY - May 10-15, 2015
In Walking with Protection, you will have a chance to experience the power force of your intent.  You will also see and experience what distinguishes a shaman from a sorcerer, and come to understand the high level of integrity and ethics that come with stepping into the role of the shaman. (Read more)

Light Body South - Miami, FL - May 17-22, 2015    
The anatomy and physiology of the Luminous Energy Field will be explored in-depth. Through the Illumination process, the core foundational healing practice of healing the light body, you will learn how to clear issues stored in the Luminous Energy Field… (Read More) 

One Spirit Amazon Expedition - Peru - June 3-9, 2015
Join Four Winds lead teacher Marcela Lobos on an exclusive journey to the Amazon Rainforest, where you will work with authentic Shipibo healers and their medicinal plants and learn about their healing maps and cosmology. (Read More)

Via Illuminata - Peru - June 11-23, 2015
Come respond to your soul’s calling and explore a spiritual retreat to Peru’s Sacred Valley. 
Your trip is personal. You align with who you are becoming through sacred ceremony on ancient sites such as Tambomachay, Pisaq, Quillarumiyoc, Ollantaytambo, Moray and Sacsayhuaman. (Read More)

Choquequirao to Vilcabamba - Peru - June 11-24, 2015
An expedition to the lost cities of the Inka. Choquequirao means the “cradle of gold” in the Quechua language. The mythology speaks about three ‘hidden cities’, each one step closer to the invisible world. The first is Machu Picchu, the second Choquequirao, the final one Vilcabamba. (Read more)




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