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The King, the Wizard, and the Dream
There was a king who had grown weary with his life, and summoned the court wizard to his chambers while he had his evening meal. He asked the wizard how one could know for certain that there was life beyond death.
The wizard asked the king to gaze into his bowl of soup, to notice the dark rich color of the broth, to set his mind free.
The king's eyes grew heavy, and as his eyelids drew closed he saw himself in a green pasture, a young shepherd tending his sheep. He noticed an ewe nursing her young, and was proud of his flock. He felt his strong legs carrying him effortlessly up a hillside. He inhaled the crisp mountain air, as he led his sheep to a lush valley nearby.
In the distance he recognized his cottage, and as he made his way home that evening he noticed his pregnant wife feeding the geese outside. When he arrived the midwife was already there, and that evening his beloved gave birth to a healthy young girl. He held the child in his arms, then placed her gently on his wife's breast, brimming-over with affection for his family. Even though they had few belongings, he felt he was the luckiest man in the world as he lay next to his beloved.
He could hear his wife humming softly to their daughter as sleep came swiftly over him.
Then he was startled by a loud clap, and when the king opened his eyes he saw the wizard bringing the palms of his hands together. He was furious.
"Why did you take me from my beloved and my family?" he asked. "I was so happy, I was young and strong, carefree and in love," said the king, looking dejected.
"It was but a dream," the wizard explained. "Shall I clap my hands again to wake you up from this dream as well?"
The king was dejected. He noticed his soup had grown cold, and had the wizard's head chopped off.
When you are fully awake you understand what survives beyond death, you become the dreamer instead of the dream.
This wisdom is at the source of our shamanic teachings. You can dream health, joy, and peace into being.
Thank the one who claps the hands that wake you!
In peace and health,


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