Anyone, Anywhere!  
We are launching our Shamanic Energy Medicine professional certified training ONLINE!

Now, anyone, anywhere, anytime can train to become a certified Energy Medicine Health Coach with the same comprehensive skills and faculty support as our residential program. And in as little as six months you can launch a meaningful new career that will transform your health as you help others in their journey.

At the Four Winds, we have trained thousands of students over the past 25 years. Now you can experience the world’s most thorough training practice of Shamanic Energy Medicine that blends ancient wisdom teachings with cutting-edge nutrition, biology and neuroscience online.

Many years ago, my mentor and sage encouraged me to take the wisdom of the Andean shamans to the Western world. It is clear to me now that our planet is in desperate need of health coaches that know the ways of the soul and of the brain, that understand how our minds can heal our bodies, and how superfoods and neuro-nutrients can switch on the genes that create longevity.
I invite you to visit our new website and find out how you can be part of ushering in a new era of health as an Energy Medicine Health Coach.

Rediscover your
Natural Metabolism
Reset your metabolism and clear the imprints of disease from your luminous energy field, a Grow a New Body exclusive retreat!

February 16-23, 2017
Los Lobos Lodge, Chile
Answer the call
to become a healer and turn your intentions into reality now! Join us at our next 300-hour Shamanic Energy Medicine Certification. 

March 6-April 2, 2017
Joshua Tree, California

Master Classes in
idyllic Costa Rica!
With Peter Bonaker, Ph.D.

Learn advanced shamanic interventions that will allow your clients to navigate skillfully through their crisis into a flourishing life.
Advanced Shamanic Skills
May 20-27, 2017

Learn the passages that mark puberty, womanhood, manhood, and our sage years. Explore the great initiations of shamanism. 
Rites and Initiations
May 27-June 3, 2017

Embark on the adventure
of a lifetime in 2017!
Explore, discover and walk in the
footsteps of the Shaman.

Walk in the steps of the ancient ones and connect with heaven and earth as you participate in age-old rites and ceremonies while visiting sacred sites. 
Via Ilumminata:
August 7-19, 2017

Experience your own emergence as you take part in ceremonies and meditations with the transformative energies of this sacred lake.
Lake Titicaca: Birthplace
August 19-24, 2017

Join Marcela Lobos and the Medicine Women of Chile in an intimate journey where you pray, dance and reconnect with your feminine power.
Women's Medicine Journey:
October 5-14, 2017