Take Control of Your Goals
If you are among that well-intentioned group of folks who made New Year’s resolutions for 2017, you may also be among the 50 percent who have already decided it’s just not going to happen. You’ll never lose weight because you must have that stash of candy to help you cope with your mean boss… Your workout buddy is completely unreliable and you can’t get through your training routine without him… It’s impossible to focus on learning French when your home life is such a wreck.

As it turns out, 90 percent of all people who make New Year’s resolutions lose their motivation before reaching their goals. The truth is old habits die hard. If your passion is out of sync with your effectiveness, consider whether the discrepancy is a result of your needing to heal a struggle within you, rather than projecting it onto the world. When what’s inside you is free, what’s outside you can be liberated as well.

The Earthkeepers teach us that everything we experience is a projection of our inner landscape. We are the creators of each event and incident in our lives, so if we want to transform circumstances that appear to be outside of ourselves, we need to take ownership and effect change from within.

For the Laika, the world is a screen that we project our movie onto. This doesn’t mean that the world isn’t real … the world is very real. We simply confuse the image we project with reality, trying to change the action on the screen when what we really need to do is edit the movie or change the script entirely. Once we understand that we can do this whenever we want, we’ll forever cease to be a helpless victim or an innocent bystander.

If your boss is mean to you, you’ll heal it within. And while you can’t change what he says, you can change your experience of it. When you’re no longer disturbed by your boss’ words, he’ll be less motivated to project his unhealed parts onto you. (The candy stash can now go to the garbage bin, no more excuses.)

You can’t change the fact that your workout buddy doesn’t have the same priorities as you, but you can heal it inside of yourself, and find that everything will turn out exactly as it should. 

When you can’t even hear yourself think for all the bickering around you, understand that what’s happening is only part of a larger movie you wrote — even if you’re unaware that you did, in fact, pen it yourself.

We need to figure out why we cling to old outdated stories and unhealthy behaviors before we can chart a new course in life. Most of us are so attached to our stories that we prefer to conjure up reasons for why we can’t have what we want. We simply refuse to own the projections, and thereby miss out on the peace, the joy, the abundance of energy, creativity, and enthusiasm that would help us make a real dent in the problem.

So, take time to learn practical tools that will help you dream a healthy, abundant, and joyous world into being — and meet your goals head on.

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