When Spirit Calls...
We never know when Spirit will present us with opportunities to enrich our path in life. After that, it's up to us to act on these unique flashes of insight. Responding to one such flash, Four Winds Light Body School graduate Isabella Marker found a new outlet for her shamanic skills when she emailed the owner of a new business in town.  Here is her story:
Nearly two years ago, a ­new funeral home opened in my hometown in Germany. There was an announcement in the local paper, and I decided to write the owner.
In my email I indicated that I am a working Shaman, bridging the worlds of the seen and the unseen and that she too, through her profession, must have experienced unusual encounters with the unseen world. She answered back within minutes: "You are the one I have been waiting for!"
We started working together and became friends. She calls me when clients need the Death Rites, or when members of their families would like my shamanic services. For very Catholic Bavaria this is unheard of!
Her funeral home has an auditorium where I give talks on Shamanism, death, and how various traditions view the afterlife. It was my very first talk in my hometown and to our surprise over a hundred people came!
Since then, many people seek my healing services.  Recently, a mother and daughter came to see me. Her husband had just passed and the daughter had the feeling that her dad was in her field. She had problems walking since an early age, feeling that she was not in her body and had chronic problems with her throat.
It turned out that it was not her dad, but a great-grandmother who had taken her life by hanging herself. After an extraction and an illumination, I also removed the remnants of a cord from around her neck.
The daughter could feel her body from head to toe for the first time in years. Her throat problems vanished that day!
I am deeply grateful! I have expressed my willingness to step fully into my healing practice, and Spirit makes sure that all the work I need comes my way.
In Peace!
Isabella Marker, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria.
When we learn to heed the call of Spirit, we are presented with endless opportunities to dream a new and exciting world into being.
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