A Time for Renewal
Many look at our planet's recent spate of hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and volcanic eruptions and think: disaster and devastation. However, there are also long-term benefits to life on earth from these destructive and often deadly events: planetary renewal.
Trees and vegetation toppled by hurricane winds return to the earth in the form of rich, new soil. Torrential rainfall is part of the earth's hydraulic system, which moves water from the surface of the planet into the atmosphere, and back again, renewing our water supply. Earthquakes are caused by the constant recycling of planetary crust, which for millennia has formed our geographically diverse and fruitful planet. Wildfire clears away old growth, making way for lush new plant life. Volcanic eruptions add valuable nutrients to the soil, producing fertile agricultural land.
Just as our planet has the ability to regenerate, so do our bodies. We can repair the brain and heal the body by re-activating our cellular detox and free-radical scavenging systems, and by turning on our health and longevity proteins.
From the time we're in the womb, we suffer ongoing free radical damage to mitochondria, the fuel factories in our cells. This damage begins with our mother's diet, and builds up from environmental toxins, pesticides, and stress, until it manifests later as disease. By middle age, our ability to produce clean-burning fuel diminishes. When we cross a threshold of mitochondrial injury, illness, fatigue, and brain fog become perversely difficult to cure or even manage.
Certain superfoods and nutraceuticals have the ability to repair our brain and regulate cellular energy production, thus reversing damage done by aging, free radicals and oxidative stress. Oxygen therapy eliminates dysfunctional mitochondria and triggers new mitochondrial production, resulting in increased health, vitality and clarity. This is how we jumpstart renewal and thwart the onset of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other degenerative diseases of the brain that have in common free-radical damage and mitochondrial breakdown.
These regenerative therapies don't "just happen," as they do in nature, but they are within our reach. We invite you to visit our Hacking the Human Biofield page and start your own physical renewal.
The Four Winds Team

Do you hear the sound of the call?
It is time to gather around the fire once more.
We are less than a month away from our 2017 Great Gathering of Shamans. Don't miss this opportunity to join your Four Winds Ayllu for a weekend of celebration, enlightening presentations and ceremony, where we will strengthen our collective power, vision, and further define what it means to become the dream-shifting shamans the world needs today. 
October 20-22
Menla Mountain Retreat, NY
Contact us today to reserve your spot or click here  to register online.
Journey deeper into the mythic realms of shamanic teaching.  
Master the shaman's art of tracking and seeing. Learn to read inside a person's body to examine organs, systems, tissues, and to diagnose spiritual disease.
Prerequisites: West Direction
October 15-20, 2017
Menla Mountain Retreat, New York
Dance at the place of infinity where there is no clock time. Learn to use sacred drama, build an archetypal mesa, and start to work at the level of the collective.
Prerequisites: North Direction
October 22-27, 2017
Menla Mountain Retreat, New York
Don't miss our exciting lineup of events this Fall  
with Dr. Alberto Villoldo  

Explore The Way of the Luminous Warrior and learn about its core wisdom practices. Experience how shamanic journeying can heal the imprints on our luminous matrix, and also learn how to reset the fear response which keeps us trapped in suffering and trauma. 
New York Open Center - New York, NY
October 13-14, 2017
Explore how various shamanic traditions view the journey beyond death. Begin to learn techniques used for centuries by shamans for navigating the dream-like realms one encounters immediately after death, and in reaching the blissful domains of wisdom. 
Art of Dying Institute - New York, NY
October 15, 2017
Join Alberto Villoldo, Marcela Lobos and our visiting shamans in a weekend of powerful ceremonies. Experience energetic transmissions of an ancient Inka lineage of Wisdomkeepers that allow us to dream a new world into being. Shed the old skin of the past and usher in a new era. 
Omega Institute - Rhinebeck, NY
October 27-29, 2017

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