The Delight of Being Uncertain
We are creatures of habit, with brains that are wired for the efficient repetition of the same old behaviors. We find ourselves driving on the wrong road and realize we've slipped into autopilot, taking the route to work instead of the route to an engagement. We catch ourselves parroting the same criticisms that our parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents used.
For most of us, uncertainty feels like being on a roller coaster whose twists and turns prevent us from seeing what's ahead. And we tend to respond, not with the delight of a preteen who screams and smiles at each dive and twist, but with the distaste, resistance, and nausea of a grandparent who wonders how he got talked into this hell ride.
Uncertainty should be befriended; otherwise, we restrict ourselves to superficial changes, we can't discover the lost parts of ourselves that lie hidden around a blind corner. When we play it safe, we can't grow. If our soul calls to us from the future, inviting us to step onto a track that lies hidden from our ordinary awareness and reveals itself only when we experience non-ordinary reality, the fear of uncertainty can cause us not to hear, much less heed, the call.
What is it about uncertainty that makes us so queasy? Why do we say we want change but fear the unfamiliar so much?
The ego loathes uncertainty and resists it because uncertainty forces us to experience a lack of control and a letting go of the illusion that our ever-clever minds are always adept at handling whatever comes our way.
A client of mine told me she had a reoccurring dream of driving a car that gets so far ahead of her on the freeway that it careens wildly, crashing into other vehicles and drawing the attention of the police who chase after her. Meanwhile, she sits in the driver's seat that is somehow far behind the actual car and desperately tries to get the brake pedal to respond.
It's in the slowing down that we regain our sense of control because our perspective shifts. We're able to see the road signs, the slick puddles on the asphalt, the exits, and the fellow in the next lane about to move in front of us. We're able to ask ourselves, "Why did I choose this road again? Is this really where I want to be?"
Slowing down makes uncertainty more bearable because we're able to steer mindfully, brake only when strictly necessary, and pull over to look at the map again. When we slow down, the sheer terror of uncertainty abates, and we are able to explore the uncertainty itself.
What would happen if you sat next to your curiosity, excitement, or fear, introduced yourself, and said, "Tell me about yourself." If you could meet up with up with Uncertainty at a café, and you sat down for a casual conversation, what would you ask it? What might it reveal? What might it say that would make you feel delight instead of unease at its presence?
In Munay,

   Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. 

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