A Time for Thanks
Thanksgiving is always a good time to say the words we sometimes do not convey in the course of our busy daily lives. At the Four Winds, we have much to be thankful for, starting with you, our shamanic community.
You are the seekers who started your shamanic path with us over 30 years ago, and who have continued to come to our programsand our heartsby the thousands.
You are the eager beginners who sometimes struggle with unfamiliar concepts, yet carry on until you burst through to the thrill of knowing.
You are the seasoned Earthkeepers who come back to share your experiences with a new class of shamans, eager to pass on the wisdom of our ancient lineage.
You are the brave dreamers who are breaking free of the collective nightmare to create a new and better world.
You are the healers who release others from painful and debilitating circumstancessometimes at your own risk.
You are the explorers who trek into the Amazon, up the scared mountain, and through ancient holy places on a quest for knowledge.
You are the ones who choose to evolve into a new Human, homo luminous.

You are the sojourners who gather with your ayllu in love and joy to celebrate a fire ceremony and enjoy the company of like-hearted souls.
To all of our current, former, and future studentsfrom all of us at the Four Winds Societythank you for giving us another year to pass on the ancient wisdom we are entrusted with, to revel in your awakening, and to honor you as fellow shamans.
May your Thanksgiving be filled with grace, beauty and many blessings!

The Four Winds Team 

Awaken your power to co-create a new reality. 

A career in Shamanic Energy Medicine allows you to shed limiting roles that keep you and others from living fuller, richer lives. The Four Winds Society's Shamanic Energy Medicine certification programs are internationally recognized as the Gold Standard in their field. Our training combines ancient shamanic wisdom teachings with cutting-edge practices in nutrition, biology and neuroscience to give you the tools you'll need to transform yourself and launch a successful career doing what you love.

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Online Energy Medicine Training               
Starts January 15, 2018.    

Residential Energy MedicineTraining                  
March 1-28, 2018 California

Last chance to complete our
seven-course curriculum with
The Three Masteries residential!
Walking with Protection
March 1-5, 2018 California 
Understand the high level of integrity and ethics that come with stepping into the role of the shaman. See how the unhealed parts of your being make you vulnerable, and learn to clear those imprints so you no longer fall victim to abuses of power in the world.
Reading the Signs of Destiny
March 6-9, 2018 California 
Learn to recognize the messages provided by nature, randomness, and chance events. As you practice the art of shamanic seeing and perceive the world of energy, you heed the cautions and seize the opportunities that Spirit offers you.
Working with the Sacred
March 10-14, 2018 California 
Acquire the tools that allow you to honor the sacred, the mythic, including the seemingly "negative" elements, so that you can draw lessons from them and bring healing, transformation, and balance to every life situation.

*These may be taken individually. 
Graduate Highlight: Shaman Stories

A few years ago, I was your typical suburban foster mom with a call to find my soul's purpose and destiny. Led by Spirit, I found the Four Winds and since then, everything in my life has shifted. My private practice focusing on children and families thrives, and I authored an energy medicine workbook for children called "Heal Your Feelings."
Most importantly, I married the love of my life and together, we launched SwitchLife, a nonprofit providing free skateboarding lessons and a goal-setting curriculum for at-risk youth. SwitchLife helps troubled kids create new destinies for themselves. Sharing the Four Winds medicine with children is the highlight of my life.
These days, the prayer on my lips is a constant, "Thank you, thank you, thank you." I wake up each morning excited by the work I get to do and the people I'm honored to serve.

Sarah Green
Tell us Your Story!
Students and graduates are invited to share the story of their journey and experiences as a shaman with us. Please send 150 words maximum with your full name, picture and email to: ana@thefourwinds.com

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