Dancing with Spirit
Shamanism is founded on the notion that if you upgrade the quality and vibration of the luminous energy field, or LEF, the body will follow; that if you create the energetic conditions for health, disease will go away; and that we can grow new bodies that age and heal and die differently. That's a promise anyone would find tantalizing, but it's more than a promise.
While I always felt a calling to be a healer, I didn't grow up wanting to be a shaman. Like many, I discovered my path as a result of serendipity and synchronicity. The urge to dedicate my life to service began in my childhood, but it wasn't until much later that I owned my desire to become a healer and ascribed the name shaman to the path that called to me.
Proud to wear my shiny new PhD "badge," sure that my beliefs about the nature of reality and the human mind were the only ones any intelligent person would hold, I had my first shocking encounter with the shaman's worldview soon after I met my mentor. The first thing he pointed out to me was that there was a difference between information and wisdom. If I wanted to learn the timeless wisdom of the ancient Americans, I first had to empty my swelled head of all the facts and information that I had confused with knowledge.
"The first thing you have to heal," my mentor said to me, "is your ignorance. You are full of facts and figures but have very little wisdom."
He explained that information is knowing that water was H2O, while wisdom is understanding how to make it rain. Information is knowing a diagnosis, while wisdom is being able to heal. He described how illness manifested in tissues and organs but was always caused by sickness of the soul. This ran contrary to my academic understanding. I had believed until then that the body, organs, and tissues were the only reality, and that the soul was this ephemeral and ungraspable notion described only by religion and in the vaguest of terms.
It would take many years, and many more humbling encounters with shamans far wiser than I─and many more experiences tripping over my ego and falling on my face in the brush alongside the road to genuine wisdom─before I developed any mastery of the fundamental healing practices of the shaman.
In my work over the years, some of my clients became my students; others had something to teach me, but each one of them offered me a glimpse into their inner world, and that is a gift and a privilege every time. They all felt that their lives and health as they had known them had been taken away from them in some way. Having exhausted the possibilities for healing offered to them by western medicine, each individual embarked on a heroic journey of healing that took them from deep despair to hope, from pain to compassion, and helped them repair their bodies and mend their souls.
Although I played a key role in my clients' quests for health, I didn't "fix" or "heal" them. Shamanic work always involves a dance between the shaman, the one seeking help, and the Source of all healing. I brought to my clients the energies and insights they needed to begin their healing journeys. And along the way, each of these men and women taught me valuable lessons about the nature of healing, deepening my awe at the elegant dance between ourselves and Spirit.
In Munay,

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
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Graduate Highlight: Shaman Stories
For many years as a health care practitioner in Germany, I searched for a way to include energy medicine in my holistic approach to alternative and mitochondrial medicine. I had no idea how profoundly that journey would impact my practiceand my life.

The Medicine Wheel enabled me to release the clutch of ancestors holding me back from my power, my soul's longing, my inner calling. That was the first of many positive changes. Like a string of pearls, the various aspects of my life came together. The journey became lighterguided in a way I never imagined.

Shamanic energy medicine has deeply enhanced my daily practice. I am blessed that Spirit showed me this path and led me to new friends from around the world─my "soul family."

─ Petra Kscheschinski

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