Fall in Love for All the Right Reasons
The hippocampus is a seahorse-shaped structure in the brain that helps to regulate our emotions, stores new memories, and allows us to learn new skills. It can be damaged by many things—from lesions and toxins to stress and medical disorders. When that happens, short-term memory suffers, we lose our enthusiasm for life and become angry or afraid.
That may help explain why people with dementia can recall events from many years in the past yet are unable to remember what happened two weeks or even ten minutes ago. The hippocampus cannot tell time, so it confuses something happening today with something similar that happened 20 years ago. That person we just met may trigger memories of a former lover from years back, and that’s where the conversation ends.
The hippocampus is linked not just to past events but also to old behaviors, worn-out thoughts, and used-up feelings. When it’s damaged, we keep recalling the same painful situations, the same painful emotions, over and over again. We aren’t as open to new experiences and learning.
A few years back, a friend invited me to his wedding—his fifth. When I reminded him of this, he told me that this time was different. My friend was trying to repair his hippocampus, and have a new experience, through yet another marriage—not a very practical way to go about repairing the brain. I suggested to him that he stop looking for the right partner and start working on becoming the right partner. He was not very happy with my advice.
Six months after the wedding he called and told me his marriage was over—and he was angry with me that I allowed him to marry such a cruel and thoughtless person. I reminded him of what the scholar and mythologist Joseph Campbell once said: If you don’t learn a lesson, you end up marrying it. I told my friend that unless he repaired his hippocampus, most likely he would keep seeking—and finding—the same kind of partner, with a different name.
Fortunately, the hippocampus can be repaired—along with our emotions, memory and learning ability. You heal the hippocampus by following a diet that fuels your brain with good fats (such as omega-3 fish oils), increasing your level of serotonin (made by the flora in your gut) and switching on the production of stem cells in the brain.
When you become forgetful, you may be tempted to laugh off the befuddlement as a “senior moment,” while secretly harboring fear of Alzheimer’s and dementia. The idea that the mind is deteriorating with age is terrifying, but aging does not have to include loss of brain function.
Just like updating the operating system on your computer lets you run new, more powerful programs and applications, upgrading your brain sets you up for enhanced health, emotional well-being, and falling in love for all the right reasons.
Happy Valentine’s Day,
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