Practice Prevention for a Long & Healthy Life
The most important interventions for a long and healthy life are nutritional and spiritual. The food and supplements you consume activate longevity genes and upgrade repair systems. Spiritual practices help heal deep-seated emotions which can cause disease.

Today, with advances in public health and medicine, we are enjoying longer life spans—the slow-agers among us are tomorrow’s centenarians. However, our health spans remains largely unchanged. We can replace a hip and prolong convalescence, but no one wants to spend an extra 20 or 30 years being bed-ridden.

The only tested strategy that increases both longevity and health is caloric restriction (CR) without malnutrition. Scientists once believed it was the reduction in calories that made a difference, and this meant cutting back on sugars and carbs. Recent research suggests that CR works because of a reduction of essential amino acids, the components of proteins.

There are several important steps you can take to protect your health:

Have all mercury fillings in your mouth removed—they leach mercury (a neurotoxin) into your body. Be sure you go to a dentist who is experienced in this procedure.

Heavy metal chelation removes toxins absorbed from burning coal, large ocean fish, aluminum foil, deodorant, lead plumbing, and pesticides. Again, use an experienced practitioner.

A ketogenic diet and fasting help prevent cancer, as does detoxifying your body and brain, and using a whole house filter to eliminate chlorine and fluoride.

Diet and lifestyle changes help prevent heart disease: Avoid trans fats, sugars, carbs, and processed foods. Eat fresh vegetables, organic, grass-fed butter and meats, pastured eggs, raw nuts and seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, nut butters and colorful berries.

Avoid processed grains and refined carbs, which increase inflammation, to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

The food you eat is not only the cause, but also the cure. Certain supplements are also important, as is exercise, and five important blood tests you can get every year to monitor changes and imbalances that can lead to disease: CBC, C-Reactive Protein, Hemoglobin A1C, Homocysteine, and IGF-1. I explain it all at length in my latest book, Grow a New Body, which went on sale this week.

I invite you to take charge of your health and longevity. Wise choices will lead long health, vibrant living and the experience of Oneness!
Warm Blessings,

Are You a Caretaker of the Earth?

Have you ever thought of shamanism as something too exotic for you to learn? Our Shamanic Energy Medicine training is the modern bridge to what was once taught only on mountaintops. No matter where you are in the world we can teach you how to engage with the luminous nature of reality, help heal the sick, prevent illness, and assist the dying in their journey back to the world of Spirit.
June 4-December 2, 2019
August 9-September 5, 2019
*This program is in German only.

¿Hablas Español?
Los Cuatro Caminos, escuela de medicina energética fundada por Alberto Villoldo y dirigida por Marcela Lobos, presenta el Sur y Oeste de la Rueda Medicinal este verano en España. Este programa será presentado por Marcela Lobos y será totalmente en español.

La Rueda Medicinal nos lleva a una profunda conexión con el entorno, y es un vehículo que nos lleva a la sanación, transformación, e iluminación. Desde hace más de dos mil años ha sido usada en las Américas para armonizar el mundo externo con el mundo interno. Estas enseñanzas integran el chamanismo, la psicoterapia, la neurociencia, y la meditación. Durante el entrenamiento recibes las iniciaciones del Munay-ki que nos conectan a un antiguo linaje de hombres y mujeres medicina, guardianes de la Tierra. Además, aprendes el proceso de Iluminación que borra huellas kármicas, y el proceso de Extracción de energías intrusas y densas.

Sur y Oeste con Marcela Lobos
Antequera, España
14 al 26 de Junio, 2019

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Do You Speak Spanish?

Los Cuatro Caminos school of energy medicine founded by Alberto Villoldo and directed by Marcela Lobos, will be offering South and West Medicine Wheel this summer in Spain. This program will be led by Marcela Lobos in Spanish.

The Medicine Wheel connects us deeply to our surroundings, and is a vehicle for healing, transformation, and illumination. It has been used for over 2,000 years in the Americas to harmonize the external world with the inner world. These teachings integrate shamanism, psychotherapy, neuroscience and meditation. You will also receive the rites of the Munay-ki which connect to an ancient shamanic lineage, the Earthkeepers. You will learn the Illumination process which erases karmic imprints, and how to extract intrusive energies.

Join Alberto in the
Sacred Valley of Peru!

This summer, high shamans will assemble once again in Peru to explore the wisdom we will need in order to thrive during these times of great change. Known as The Return of the Magicians, this gathering studies the Prophecy of the Time to Come, as the shamans take the pulse of our planet and the changes that are causing upheaval in the world.

It is a rare opportunity to participate in ceremonies led by master shamans at ancient places of power, and receive insights and lessons not usually shared with outsiders.

August 5-17, 2019
With Dr. Alberto Villoldo and Q'ero Shamans
Open to all. 

Don’t Miss Out!

Learn how to help others understand the process of death with dignity, so they may assist those departing this life to do so with grace, awareness, serenity, and anticipation of the great journey ahead.

March 22-24, 2019
Teacher: Ruby Parker
Open to all
*Master-Level Certification elective class.

by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Becoming Supernatural draws on research conducted at Dr. Joe Dispenza’s advanced workshops since 2012 to explore how common people are doing the uncommon to transform themselves and their lives.

Did you know that we are, quite literally, supernatural by nature if given the proper knowledge and instruction?

When we learn how to apply this information through various meditations, we experience:

-A greater expression of our creative abilities

-The capacity to tune in to frequencies beyond our material world

-More orderly coherent streams of consciousness and energy

-The power to change our brain chemistry to initiate profound, mystical transcendental experiences

Learn more here!

A Beginner’s Guide
to the Universe
by Mike Doodley

Are you ready to rock the living daylights out of life? THIS is the book you need! Mike Dooley, creator of Notes from the Universe, is releasing the ultimate guidebook for living the best life possible. We all need to read this! Get it here.
Grow a New Body
by Alberto Villoldo, PhD

Congratulations to Alberto on the publication of his new book, now available at your favorite bookseller. Grow a New Body offers shamanic practices alongside cutting-edge science, detox strategies, and power-plant foods that can switch-on every cell’s ability to regenerate and repair.

The eBook is on sale in the U.S. for .99 cents through March 17 at your preferred online book retailer.