Clearing Stale or Intrusive Energy
Shamans are sometimes asked to clear or renew the energy of a home, office or other space where negative energies may have accumulated. In fact, it’s a good idea to clear your own house or personal space on a regular basis.
There are several safety precautions you need to take. I always wear a protective stole around my neck and shoulders that was made by the shamans of Peru for this purpose. It was prayed over and is embroidered with the sacred symbols of the high Andean shamans. I also carry palo santo (or other smudge stick), half a bivalve shell, a large feather, my crystal, mesa, and a sword.
No, the sword isn’t to battle evil spirits—we don’t do that. We never attack or threaten, no matter how nasty the entity we find might be. We are there to lovingly help them make their way home. I use my sword to slice through energy cords that tie entities to a space.
Always begin by opening sacred space. Clear your heart and your mind, then spread your wiracocha around yourself and the space. Call on the four directions to help you bring beauty, joy, and healing to the space.
Light a candle. I always work with the element of fire—you want to combust and metabolize energies, and fire does exactly that.
Always leave at least one window or outer door open to give whatever you might encounter a way out.
Sometimes I start by making a small offering of wine or alcohol. Intrusive entities have very low consciousness and are attracted to the pleasures of the senses. I invite any wandering entities to come slake their thirst, then I take the alcohol outside the space I am clearing—the unwanted entities follow me right out the door. 
Allow your palo santo or smudge stick to burn until it smolders. Keep your seashell handy to catch hot ashes. Smudge yourself first, then methodically walk around the house allowing the smoke to spread throughout. You can pray as you work, or simply stay focused and connected to your breathing. Use your feather to scoop negative energy out the door, making room for beauty and sweetness. Pay attention to tight spaces and corners, where stale energy tends to accumulate. Sweep smoke into these spaces with the feather—and scoop negative energy out. Don’t forget the garage, closets, and bathrooms.
If you encounter a stubborn or unpleasant entity speak to it firmly, but kindly. Explain that it can’t stay there—the space belongs to someone else, and you are there to help it go home. Use your crystal—to the entity a clear crystal is like a welcoming luminous cathedral, and it wants to enter it. Once it’s in there, it will stay there until you are able to release it. To do that, take the crystal out and away from the space. Call upon the lineage of the Pampa Mesayok to take the entity home where it belongs. When the time is right, blow a strong puff of air over the crystal with the intent of vacating it. 
When your work is finished, smudge yourself again, close sacred space and step outside to let the energies you set in motion get to work.
Warm Blessings,
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