Reclaiming the Feminine Aspect of the Divine

In religious traditions that embrace a masculine divinity, the divine is seen as a force that resides in the heavens, far away from us. In the West, we have come to believe that we must pray, sacrifice, and earn the love and attention of our Creator, who threw us out of paradise for daring to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

However, in the more ancient, feminine theologies, we were never expelled from the garden or separated from God. Instead, we were given the garden in order to be its stewards and caretakers. According to these older beliefs, the divine puts Her life force into the seeds that we plant in the rich, fertile earth. We express that potential, expanding with divinity as we bear the fruit that feeds all of humanity. We participate with the divine in the co-creation of our universe.

When masculine theologies began to appear as villages grew into cities, a new mentality started to dominate. Rather than work with the resources available to them, people began to attack their neighbors in the hope of acquiring more land and wealth. No longer were they willing to settle for enough to sustain them—greed began to predominate.

In Europe, these ideas arrived with the Indo-European peoples from central Asia 6,000 years ago. They believed that they had divine justification for their invasions and conquests. The invaders felt that they had a sacred right to resources because they worshipped the "proper" God, and even claimed they were honoring their Creator by slaying the enemy infidels.

The Europeans improved the technology of warfare so much that by the time Francisco Pizarro and Hernan Cortes arrived in the New World in the 16th century, they were able to bring down the Aztec and Inka empires with fewer than 400 men—equipped with guns, steel, horses . . . and germs.

The Laika fled to the mountains, where they kept the old feminine theology safely hidden, until the day they would come down to the valleys and remind the people of the ancient, sustainable way of living.

We see the devastating results of this masculine mythology played out today. Our world is being rapidly deforested, our waters polluted, our air contaminated, and our topsoil eroded. Our weather is changing because of global warming, and as a result, African droughts have worsened; hurricanes are fiercer; and each year, 100 to 1,000 times more species of plants and animals disappear from the earth than they did 500 years ago.

The Laika say that long ago, our planet was a poisonous place for human beings, but Mother Earth buried these toxins in her belly so that the surface became a hospitable green and blue paradise. According to their ancient lore, the conquistadors would someday release these poisons, causing the earth to become a toxic wasteland, and we humans wouldn't know how to contain these venoms. Nature itself would have to slowly recover her health.

Fortunately, there's a movement to bring back the old feminine ways and values. Many people are rejecting the chain of command central to masculine theologies—the belief that they must answer to priests, who answer to bishops, who answer to popes, who answer to God. Many also refuse to subscribe to the scientific belief that anything that can't be measured, perceived, and controlled through the five senses isn't real or true.

They're no longer suspicious of their own hearts, and they don’t feel that they must place their trust in dogma, or other people's interpretation of the sacred. Instead, they look within and to nature for guidance.
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