What’s Clogging Your Flow?
Our lives are like flowing rivers: When we try to control their course, we merely flail about until we’re swept under waters heavy with silt—the toxic residue of our psychological and karmic wounding. We swallow it, and it chokes us, leaving us thirsting for a clean, clear stream to help us thrive.
We have no idea how to stop—or even clean up—the flow. That is, we continue to attract people and situations that mirror our toxicity. We find that the angrier we are, the more we have to be angry about. The more abandoned we feel, the more we’re attracted to others who abandon those they care about.
We fight the current, but none of our struggling helps us in the slightest. We’re eventually left with nothing living in our river: no dreams, no hopes, no love, no passion, and no self-respect. And our waters fail to nurture anything on our shores, leaving us in a dead zone where nothing around us flourishes.
It’s time to recognize the origin of those polluting elements and shut off the source.
Western psychology tells us that we must install sewage treatment plants and filtration systems to make our water drinkable. For the Earthkeepers, nothing could be further from the truth: They believe that the river cleans itself once we start feeding it crystalline water rather than pumping in poisons. Then we can go with the flow wherever it takes us, trusting that the river knows where our best destination lies. Once our waters flow clean, we don’t have to search for our destiny; it’s been there all along, waiting for us to turn our river into a stream of nourishment and passion.
When you start pouring beauty into your river, you’ll find that the waters become clearer every day. For example, the people who used to push your buttons will drift away—when you meet someone who would have irritated you in the past, you’ll feel no desire to engage in battle with them. Likewise, you’ll lose interest in venting and be unmotivated to whip up anger or outrage. The situations that you once found overwhelmingly depressing or infuriating will simply become situations. You won’t judge them as good or bad, or empowering or crippling, because you’ll know that facts are always in a state of flux, even when it looks as if they’re static. You’ll remember that your life will arrange itself to mirror your healthy, unpolluted condition.
To practice beauty, you must give up the ugly stories in which someone is a victim and someone else is the perpetrator. You must stop feeling like everyone and everything is coming up short of your expectations. You must let go of cynicism and apathy and find hope and possibility in all people and situations.
This is especially hard to do in a culture that values clever expressions of cynicism and declares that ugliness is truth, and the truth is ugly. A culture where talk show hosts, politicians, pundits, and bloggers revel in their ability to expose the “truth” that no one can be trusted, there’s nothing to believe in, and all of our heroes are actually fools and frauds. Soon we find ourselves thinking this way, too, finding conspiracies everywhere.

Practicing beauty means recognizing what is pure and of value in every situation and every person. It means that even when your neighbor has done you wrong and is full of venom, you still love him as yourself, for you see in him the potential for being a better person and the part that was once a loving child. You may have to squint very, very hard to discover beauty amid the ugliness, but it is always there, in every human.
The moment you choose to see beauty is the moment you empower yourself to rise above the ugliness and let go of all that is clogging your river.
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