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The Key to Enlightenment


Enlightenment. It’s been the focus of some of the greatest minds throughout history. Thousands have dedicated their lives to its pursuit. Images come to mind of monks on meditation cushions, nuns kneeling in prayer, shamans living in the wilds of the Amazon. And while these representations of enlightened individuals may be accurate, they also imply it is reserved for a privileged few. And while these representations of enlightened individuals may be accurate, they also imply it is reserved for a privileged few.


Wrong. Enlightenment is available to all willing to dedicate the time and effort necessary to achieve it. It doesn’t require a lifestyle incompatible with the modern world, and its rewards are not limited to spiritual knowledge enjoyed by mystics.


They can also be reaped in a life-changing scientific discovery, the preparation of an exquisite meal by the inventive chef, or the creation of an inspiring artistic masterpiece. Enlightenment promises everyone the possibility for innovation, extraordinary creativity, and inner peace.


The pursuit of enlightenment can be accelerated by awakening the higher brain. When our higher brain functions are engaged, we can change our lives spiritually and biologically. That requires restoring the brain’s health at the cellular level—and anyone who experiences anger, fear, jealousy, greed, and worry needs to do this.


Fortunately, it’s not as hard as it may seem. Brain researchers now know that we can grow new brain cells and change the actual networks in the brain. Once we provide our neurons with specific nutrients lacking in our everyday diet and embark on stimulating new activities, we can establish new neural networks that help transform limiting beliefs and behaviors, and recapture long-lost feelings of joy, optimism, and tranquility.


In the language of neuroscience, enlightenment is the condition of optimal mitochondrial and brain functioning that allows us to experience wellbeing, inner peace and the urge to create and innovate. Mitochondria are the energy factories at work within your cells. They impact your moods, your vitality, your aging process, and even how you might die. They are also in charge of eliminating old cells and replacing them with new cells, a function that occurs without your conscious awareness.


Mitochondria are influenced by the foods we eat, the calories we ingest, the extent to which we exercise, and the inclusion of specific nutrients. You can gain access to keys encoded in your mitochondrial DNA by hacking your biofield—feel free to download this guide to get started. When you unlock this code, you break free of the illness-ridden journey that many Westerners suffer from cradle to grave. With your mitochondria restored, your cells will be able to express the genes that promote brain health and physical longevity, and you won’t have to continue perpetuating the ills and traumas of your family of origin.


Wishing you joyous holidays and a healthy New Year,




PS: The Four Winds is offering the Grow A New Body program described in the downloadable guide in January and February at Los Lobos Sanctuary in Chile. Please see below. 

Join Us for Inspiring, Empowering and

Transformative Expeditions in 2020

Amazon One Spirit

June 1-6 with Four Winds Senior Faculty Marcela Lobos

During this exclusive journey to the Amazon Rainforest, you’ll explore the hidden realms of shamanic awareness and work side-by-side with indigenous medicine men and women to learn shamanic cosmology and healing maps. Like the jungle jaguar, you will track a destiny for yourself, and craft an original story for the next chapter in your life. Open to advanced students and by application only.

Via Illuminata: Shamanic Wisdom & Sacred Mantra*

June 7-14 with Deva Premal, Miten, Manose,

Marcela Lobos and Dr. Alberto Villoldo

Follow the ancient map of the Medicine Wheel as you explore the wisdom of the ancients in sacred temples shrouded in clouds. Sit in ceremony with Andean shamans and receive the rites of initiation of the Earthkeeper. Revel in the deeply soothing mantras of world-renowned musicians Deva Premal, Miten and Manose, and return each evening to the comfort of your accommodations​ at the Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel & Wellness.

Mt. Pachatusan, The Axis of The World
June 14-19 with founder Alberto Villoldo, PhD
This rugged trek up the slopes of Mt. Pachatusan requires strength, endurance and preparation. As we ascend, we will participate in ceremonies and rites of initiation with shamans and prophecy keepers. In ceremonies at glacier lagoons we will receive the blessings of the ancient masters of this land, and heal from the stories from our past. Mt. Pachatusan is revered as the protector of the Earthkeepers—the medicine men and women charged with the stewardship of all living beings.  Group limited to 30 participants who will have acclimated to altitude during the Via Illuminata expedition.

Lake Titicaca: Birthplace of  The Children of The Sun*

June 15-22 with Four Winds Senior Faculty Marcela Lobos and Tantric Yogini Monika Nataraj
This women-only expedition to Lake Titicaca celebrates the divine feminine and the convergence of the Winter Solstice and the New Moon. En route to this momentous event, we visit remote communities dwelling on “the sea on top of the world,” and stay with villagers who have only known a simple way of life. We will call on new life at the Temple of Fertility, and experience great healing at the Island of the Moon.
Group limited to 40 women.

*Receive a $500 discount when you register for Via Illuminata and Lake Titicaca expeditions.


Never Stop Learning

Deepen your shamanic skills with our advanced classes at Joshua Tree Retreat Center in California.


Light Body School Review*

March 13-15 with Ruby Parker. Don’t miss this tuition-free chance to meet faculty, students and graduates; master your practices, and get feedback on your client cases. Open to FWS students and graduates.


The Rites of the Munay-Ki*

March 15-20 with Karen Hoza. Learn the 9 rites of initiation that transform and upgrade the luminous energy field, heal the wounds of the past and reinform your DNA. Open to all.


Healing the Dark Side*

March 15-20 with Dr. Alberto Villoldo. Discover how to bring the darkest shadows to the light, transform demons into allies and help clients who are caught in tangled psychic webs. Open to FWS graduates and students only.


Advanced Divination*

March 21-26 with Lynn Berryhill. Master the shaman's art of tracking and seeing. Learn the art of the medical intuitive, and how to create maps on the level of the soul. Open to FWS students and graduates.


Advanced Journeying*

March 27-30 with Lynn Berryhill. Acquire advanced skills for working with complex issues like psycho-spiritual dynamics, past-life karmic dramas, intrusive spirit entities and psychic attack. Open to FWS graduates and advanced students only



*Master-Level Certification elective class. Receive a $200 discount when taking two advanced masters consecutively.


Is It Time To Reassess Your Goals?

Start a New Career in Energy Medicine Healing

Acquire the skills and tools to help yourself and others make the energetic, emotional, nutritional, and lifestyle changes needed to create and maintain exceptional health.

Reserve your spot today!

Whether you join us for our 300-hour residential course, or 6-month online training, you will receive the same gold standard education

Online Energy Medicine Training

January 13-July 12 and June 23-December 21

Residential Energy Medicine Training

March 4-31, Joshua Tree Retreat Center, California

September 6-October 3, TamanGa, Austria*

*German only program.


Save the date:

Light Body School Courses Coming

to Austria and New York in 2020


Join us in Austria at the TamanGa—a tranquil sanctuary surrounded by forests, vineyards and its own organic garden. All advanced classes will be translated from English to German.


September 20-25 - Rites of the Munay-Ki


September 26-28 - Dying Consciously Teacher Training


September 29-October 1 - Light Body School Review


In the Northeastern USA we will be at Menla, set on 325 acres in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. Guests can enjoy fresh mountain air, unspoiled beauty, abundant wildlife, and rushing streams and rivers.


October 9-11 - Light Body School Review


October 11-16 - Healing the Dark Side


October 11-16 - Women’s Medicine Journey


October 16-18 - The Great Gathering of Shamans 


October 18-23 - Mastery of Time





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