The Power of Love

The Laika were consummate observers of nature and discovered that all creation was made by four powers. Modern physicists, too, recognize four fundamental forces that rule our physical universe: Gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force, and the weak nuclear force.

All life, from grasses to insects to whales to humans, is spread by DNA, which is made of four bases represented by the letters A-C-G-T. The shamans of old did not know the language of modern genetics, but they understood that all living things were our brothers and sisters. 

The Laika described this universal code of four with the names and faces of four spirit animals: Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, and Eagle—each possessing their own super powers. Through these totem spirits they learned the language of creation and participated in creating the world. 

During ceremonies, shamans can summon these spirit animals in a sacred way to bestow their powers upon them. We hear legends of shamans who were able to fly through the air like the eagle, track lost objects or people in the rain forest with the skill of the big cats, or even become invisible for a time. 

But to do this they first had to master the power of Love.

For the shamans, love is not a feeling, although most of us experience it as such. It is a force. It’s what the flower feels for the morning dew, the jaguar for the deer it hunts to feed her cubs. It is the rainbow after a rain. Love is the force that can help us see the truth amid the lies.

The Laika believed that all of creation arises from love, and that every beautiful thing we create in our life comes from love. It is ubiquitous yet invisible. Like gravity, love is a force that we cannot escape, it exerts an irresistible pull on us. It leads us to acts of courage and foolishness beyond our wildest imagining.

Love is a force that we can use to co-create with the Primordial Light, but above all, love is the power of the Primordial Light which is cognizant, intelligent, wise. We can interact with the Primordial Light—what we call Spirit—and it responds to us. But if you are not in proper relationship with the four spirit animals, then you will experience love only as a feeling, a fleeting sentiment. It will wash through you and leave you empty, longing for more. 

My mentor, Don Manuel, once challenged me to test the power of my love by finding that which was most difficult for me to love…and love it. This, he said, is the practice of the luminous warrior—not to vanquish our enemy, but to love that which is most difficult. This has become my personal spiritual practice. I challenge you to make it yours as well. 

Warm blessings,


Alberto Villoldo, PhD

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