Are You Ready to Discover Your Destiny?

The Bible story about Jonah tells us how his destiny took him to the shores of Nineveh even when he tried to run away. Just like Jonah, you can wait until you're swallowed by a whale and spit out on the shores of your destiny (or startled by the turn your life has taken), or you can take a more conscious path.

Jonah was no different from people who multitask in their car on the way to work. They rush through traffic to get there on time as they chat on their cell phone while drinking coffee to stay awake because they never get enough sleep—until they're in a horrible, near-fatal accident. Life stops them cold and delivers them to another place, spitting them out on a "distant shore." After the accident, they're irrevocably changed, and questions of meaning and purpose dominate their existence.

The literature concerning near-death experiences is filled with stories of people who were incredibly transformed after such an extraordinary incident. They tell of traveling through a dark tunnel before coming into the light. Here they encounter angelic beings, their celestial parents, who guide them in reviewing the events of their life, leading them to an understanding of its meaning and purpose.

In fact, the transformative power of a brush with death is one of the most popular themes in books and movies. For example, Charles Dickens wrote of Ebenezer Scrooge, who found a road of benevolence after a glimpse of his own mortality; and in the classic movie It's a Wonderful Life, the suicidal George Bailey is guided back to the meaning of his life by an angel-in-training, who shows him what the world would be like if George had never lived.

But why wait for an accident, an act of desperation, or the final moments of your life to learn the meaning of your existence? Why not experience that knowledge while you can still live with greater purpose? As the saying goes, nobody ever lies on their deathbed wishing that they'd spent a few more hours at the office. What we end up regretting is lost love, a lack of time with our children, or the absence of any meaningfulness in our lives. We regret not doing what would have given us a sense of emotional or creative fulfillment, of having followed our calling.

Let's have this experience now—of going through the dark tunnel and coming out into the light, where we're guided by heavenly beings to the plot of our lives—without the traumatic event that forces us into consciousness. We can journey to the Upper World, which is inhabited by our celestial parents, and experience the light today.

I have just started a series of blog posts about destiny that teach how to track forward along time lines to find your best and highest future. I invite you to join me on this life-altering adventure.

Warm Blessings,


Alberto Villoldo, PhD


Learn how to harness the power of the Universe

Last year’s 28-day German-language shamanic energy medicine training program in Germany was such a success, we’re doing it again September 6-October 3—this time in Austria!

Come learn how to harness the power of the universe to heal karmic wounds and the physical body, live a long and healthy life, and help your family and community do likewise. Our world needs shamanic energy healers today more than ever before. Become the healer the world is waiting for!


The wisdom and science of shamanic

energy medicine at your fingertips

No matter where you are in the world, the wisdom and science of shamanic energy medicine is available at your fingertips. The Light Body School’s online training offers you the same comprehensive skills as our residential program, with the added benefit that you can learn anytime, anywhere—from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Our next online course runs June 23-December 21. In as little as six months you could be launching a meaningful new career as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach—and loving every minute of it!

Click here to request our curriculum and learn about the skills you’ll master as a shamanic energy healer.


Join us this Fall for these exciting opportunities!

Via Illuminata:

The Return of the Magicians

Experience The Return of the Magicians with Four Winds graduate Karen Hoza. 

This annual gathering of shamans to read the Prophecy of the Time to Come and take the pulse of our planet explores the wisdom we will need to thrive during these times of great turmoil.

You will have daily contact and instruction from Karen and the shamans who have worked with us for decades. Due to our lengthy relationship with these medicine people, they will share with us insights and lessons they do not disclose to outsiders.

August 29-September 8

Journey to Mt. Ausangate

Join Four Winds graduate Cristhian Cadenas and the Laika to trek up the holy mountain of Ausangate on foot and/or horseback. Camp in the open air and visit natural hot springs, archeological sites, ancient temples and spectacular lagoons. Our journey follows a 10,000-year-old pilgrimage route through stunning vistas of snow-covered mountains to sacred sites where we bring our offerings and receive gifts of power from the mountain.

September 8-13

This expedition is open only to advanced students and graduates. All participants must have acclimated to altitude in the Sacred Valley or Cuzco for 4 days prior to starting​ the expedition.

Enrich, Explore, and Exult

This Fall at Menla Mountain Retreat

Light Body School Review

October 9-11

Meet with your ayllu, practice your skills, and get feedback on your client cases.

Free of charge to Four Winds students.​

Prerequisites:  Open only to Light Body School students and graduates 

Healing the Dark Side

October 11-16

With Alberto Villoldo, PhD

Learn how to bring dark shadows to the light, transform demons into allies, and help clients escape tangled psychic webs.

Prerequisites: West, Part 1 or graduates​

Women’s Medicine Journey

Sowing the Seeds of a New World: A Hands-on Earth Initiation for Women

October 11-16

With Marcela Lobos and Bridghe McCracken

Grow a garden in harmony with all life, experience the Goddess Medicine Wheel, learn to design a perennial food forest, and practice reading the landscape.

Group limited to 28 women.

The Great Gathering

October 16-18

Alberto Villoldo proudly invites students and graduates to join in a joyous shamanic ceremony, featuring keynote speaker Robert Thurman, co-founder and president of Tibet House US/Menla—in service of the Dalai Lama and the people of Tibet.​

Prerequisites: Open to students, families and friends

Mastery of Time

October 18-23

An advanced practice for the shamans of our lineage.

Prerequisites: North or graduates​




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