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The Transformational Fire Ceremony​


The Transformational Fire Ceremony​

The fire ceremony is humanity’s most ancient ritual—dating back to a time when the world was lit only by fire. Fire kept the darkness at bay and protected us, but fire also transforms us. We use the fire ceremony for personal healing, and for healing the earth and all of her creatures. There are no rules for the fire ceremony—you make it whatever you are called to.

Prepare for the ceremony by gathering toothpicks (or other burnable material such as tightly wound pieces of paper) and a candle. Light your candle and then open sacred space with an invocation to the four directions. You can follow along with me here.

In this fire ceremony we will be shedding our histories, starting with the history of humanity that we inherited through our DNA and our karma—a history of scarcity, greed, judgment, violence, and anger. Pick up one of your sticks, and gently blow that history into it. Now, thinking about whatever it is that you need to let go of, heal, or give thanks for, gently blow it into the stick. Hold the stick to your candle and as it catches fire, sense how these energies are being transformed, transmuted, and released by the fire.  ​

Holding your next stick, blow into it all of the pain and suffering that humanity is experiencing right now as a result of the insatiable greed that has gotten us into this trouble with our Mother Earth. Recall, also, the darkness of human history: the Inquisition, the Crusades, all the ways that we have hurt and killed others in past lives. Blow that collective darkness and heaviness of human history into the stick. And when you are ready, hold it to the fire, that we may wake up from this nightmare to be able to dream a new dream together. Allow it to burn in the fire.

Of course this is a symbolic gesture, but it sets in motion the energies and the intentionality that transform the way this history lives within each one of us. It releases all that has haunted us in the past and continues to haunt us today in the form of leaders who are egocentric, and business models that are predatory and destroy the earth. Let it be transformed by the fire.

Now pass your hand over the flame, and draw that transformed energy to your forehead—to your third eye—to awaken your vision, what the Andean shamans call your yachay. Pass your hand over the flame again and bring it to your heart, that it may awaken compassion, beauty, and joy—what the shamans call your munay. Once again pass your hand over the fire and bring it to your belly, healing your gut instinct, and awakening what the shamans call your llank'ay, the ability to create and manifest your dreams.

During these difficult times, many of us are doing fire ceremonies every day. While we all worry about the health and economic crises happening in the world today, it’s important to hold that within the larger context of the great extinction event our planet is experiencing—and to remember that at the end of this dark time there will be light. That light is the dawn of a new humanity, and a new human that we are becoming: Homo luminous.

I hope you’ll join me Fridays at noon on Facebook as we navigate these changing times together.



Alberto Villoldo, PhD

PS: Visit our Free Resource page where you can find this ceremony and other valuable tools and techniques from our Light Body School.​

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