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True Freedom​​​​


True Freedom​


Freedom is living unfettered from the tired stories, the old emotional patterns, the ancestral and cultural conditioning, and the limiting beliefs handed down to us about self-worth, abundance, and loving ourselves and others.  The times today are a clarion call for us to relate to each other in functional and enlightening ways. 


In the Four Winds medicine wheel the West is the direction of Jaguar and carries the energy of the luminous warrior who has no enemies in this world or the next.  What a truly profound concept!  Imagine, if you can, how it might feel to have no enemies?  To have transcended old stories so completely that they no longer have a hold on your experience of the world?  How can we incorporate the energy of Jaguar into our lives, into our luminous energy fields so that when the time comes we can cross the rainbow bridge into the infinite light, leaving no tracks?


Jaguar is a metaphor for what we must do to become impeccable, to become luminous warriors.  To have no enemies in this world or the next we must fearlessly come to terms with what we have been taught and how we have been enculturated to view “others.” As we bring these beliefs from the abstract into our awareness, old stories come to light so that we can release them and release ourselves from arcane thought patterns that drive our decisions and interactions.


A fire ceremony is a perfect and beautiful way to release these old stories.  Open sacred space and your wiracocha, and sit with radical honesty and ask yourself what stories you have been handed about being either the victim or the oppressor?  What tales are you carrying about how to interact with “others?”  Ask how you collude or acquiesce with the consensual beliefs of your cultural or social group?  You can make lists of the stories that were handed down and how they have affected your own behaviors and decisions. 


How did these old and heavy stories influence where you choose to live, who you choose as friends, who you can trust, who you must fear, who makes you uncomfortable.  Then attach your lists to a stick and take it to the fire with the intent to release them, to open yourself to a new dance with all beings as you become the luminous warrior with no enemies in this world or the next. 


Your willingness to rise above your old stories to create a new world based on generosity and connection for the well-being of all is the hero’s journey.  It’s time to skill up, celebrate differences, and live in the expansive energy of partnership based on the acknowledgment that we rise and fall together.  It is time for a new dialogue, time to turn oppression into collaboration, exclusion into inclusion, enemies into allies, divisiveness into connection.  We need new seeds, and words are seeds that create new thoughts. What seeds are you planting today?


Warm blessings,



Alberto Villoldo, PhD


Shamanic Energy Medicine Certification​

Learn how to harness the power of the Universe


Please join us for our


Online Training

September 17, 2020-March 17, 2021


January 11-July 11, 2021


Develop your own remote healing practice by learning how to work in the quantum field with the body’s luminous energy field to clear imprints of disease, recover soul parts that have been lost to trauma and stress, shed limiting roles, and break-free of a past that no longer serves. You will also learn cutting-edge practices in nutrition, biology, and neuroscience, as well as the superfoods and neuro-nutrients that upgrade the brain and switch on the genes that create health and promote longevity.


Our six-month online program offers you the same comprehensive skills as our residential program, but with the added bonus that you can learn anytime, anywhere—from your computer, tablet or smartphone

German-Language Residential Program  and Advanced Classes in Austria


German-Language Residential Program 

and Advanced Classes in Austria


Join us at the magical TamanGa retreat, near the southern Austria village of Gamlitz, for our 300-hour Shamanic Energy Medicine Certification Program. Our internationally-recognized training covers the ancient wisdom, practice, and philosophy of shamanic energy medicine, along with cutting-edge nutrition, biology, and neuroscience.


Residential Energy Medicine Certification

September 6-October 3


Our Courses in Austria will also include (English translated to German):



Open House


Live The Medicine Way​

Open House July 16

with Dr. Alberto Villoldo


Are you unsure whether becoming an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach is the right career and life choice for you?  What makes the Light Body School training different from other energy medicine programs? How can I incorporate what I learn into my life? What type of career options are available to me?


Join us for our upcoming free Open House Webinar with Four Winds Society founder Dr. Alberto Villoldo to talk about what it is to live the Medicine Way, to be a modern shaman.

Sign Up

English @ 7:00 p.m EDT

German @ 7:00 p.m. CET

The Shaman And The Tibetan Buddhist - Ancient Pathways To Liberation


Four Winds and Menla Online are delighted to announce a new program


The Shaman and the Tibetan Buddhist

Ancient Pathways to Liberation

with Robert A. F. Thurman and Dr. Alberto Villoldo


July 25-26 - Online


According to Quantum physics, past and future are not separate, location doesn’t exist, the world only comes into existence once observed, and reality is one of many, possibly infinite, parallel dimensions.


Shamans in the Andes, and monks in the Himalayas, have been exploring these dimensions for centuries. Bob and Alberto will share their travels and studies, with Tibetan and Andean masters, and the wisdom that they acquired along the way. They will lead meditation, and fire ceremony, and share a compass for you to use as you navigate through these extraordinary times.



Four Winds Society Private Consultations Program

La Rueda Medicinal Online


For our Spanish-speaking friends we proudly present:


La Rueda Medicinal Online en Español

Certificado de Estudios en Medicina Energética


16 de septiembre 2020 – 10 febrero 2021





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