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The Fall


The Fall

In the Northern hemisphere, the experience of the Fall is one of awe as we take in the vibrant beauty of leaves. Reds, yellows, oranges, and greens predominate and each tree seems to flaunt its individuality and beauty. And yet, it is the beauty of the collective that calls us to make pilgrimages to distant mountain ranges.

Each mountain flowing majestically into the next reflects the merger of individuality into a magnificent whole. Observing the whole, we don’t find fault with a single tree. We know that without the green ones, the red and yellow ones wouldn’t stand out. Without the orange, the palette wouldn’t be as vibrant.

Driving, hiking or biking the beauty enthralls us with sacred moments where we experience seeing through the eyes of our hearts. Suddenly, we are transported and find ourselves on a sacred journey that challenges our immersion in feelings of separation we experience in our everyday lives. As we bask in the kaleidoscope cathedral around us, separation drops away, our senses are filled, and we connect deeply with the Great Mother.

How did we buy into separation and individuality at the expense of engaging with the collective? Those of us born into a Judeo-Christian society grew up internalizing our culture’s “original story” of being cast out of paradise and separated from our divine Creator. This story tends to permeate our lives whether we are raised in a religious home or not, causing feelings of abandonment, betrayal and separation from the divine.

If we wish to heal our wounds, it’s crucial that we discard this myth, based on a fall from grace, and realize we have always been part of the Garden of Eden. When we remember that divinity actually resides within the trees, the oceans, and the cliffs, we are able to find the sacred in every leaf and drop of water, in every animal, the finned, the furred, the winged, and the creepy crawlers.  

The Laika understand that the kingdom of heaven is within and without — inside us, above us, below us, and all around us. It is our misperception that makes us feel like outcasts and creates suffering. We, in fact, live in the lush garden of the divine. Understanding this intellectually, from the perceptual level of Jaguar, isn’t enough. If we’re to experience paradise, we have to feel this in every cell and bone in a sacred way, from the level of Hummingbird. 

Every Fall, Pachamama provides us with another opportunity to engage with her and remember we are part of creation and that she loves us unconditionally. Trusting ourselves and each other, imagine the beauty we behold as we set aside the story of our fall from grace and experience our true connection to everything and everyone. From this perspective, we see all of our human colors blending together into a sacred and magnificent whole, mountain ranges of humans flowing endlessly into one another, each individual integral to the whole.

This Fall, engage the beauty around you from the level of hummingbird, as part of creation and as a steward of all life. As you do, imagine feelings of separation and isolation falling away and being mulched by Pachamama and transformed into connection to all life. From this perspective you know at your soul level that you are present in this world, at this very tumultuous time, to be in service to all. 

Warm blessings,


Alberto Villoldo, PhD

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