The word solstice roughly translates as “when the sun stands still,” from the Latin sol, and sistere. A Grand Conjunction is when the orbits of the planets of Jupiter and Saturn meet up. Together they are known as the Great Chronocrator, meaning the Markers of Time, and are associated with epochal social change.


This year, the winter solstice coincides with the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020—an event that occurs only every 20 years, and the closest alignment of the planets since 1623 (nearly 400 years ago!)—marking the beginning of a great initiation for humanity. Our prayers, meditations, and inner transformation on this most auspicious day can help bring peace and healing to the Earth as we leave 2020 behind and begin anew. 


Let's face it, we are living in a time of crisis. We live day by day, uncertain of what is going to happen tomorrow, with a certain amount of fear for our health, our jobs and our future. This year, has brought a lot of challenges, and now, more than ever, we long to feel at peace again.


Where do we begin to move forward from here?


Our upside down state of the world is a reflection of our falling out with the harmony of nature. Our everyday lives, the chaos within each one of us, projects the disorientation of mankind. And the chaos of mankind reflects and creates an upside down reality of the earth. But we all have the power to heal ourselves and the world. 


I would like to offer this meditation to share light, love and peace in unity with all beings and the earth. To ask for balance in the world as we leave 2020 behind and begin anew.


Find a place where you can sit comfortably, either in a chair or on the floor. Allow your body to find ease and let go of any doing.


Take a full breath – holding it for a moment and then releasing it completely. And another full breath – holding it for a moment and then releasing it completely.


Continue breathing slowly, deeply but without effort – releasing all doing, and just witness the easing of stress and tension in the body.


Notice any place that feels tight and release, allowing a softening around that area. As you continue to breathe, begin to draw your attention within.

Notice any thoughts and release them gently.


Draw your attention to our Mother Earth – no matter where you are sitting – place your attention on the earth below your feet. Is it soft and verdant or hard and frozen?


Your earth – your home – your Mother. Notice a pulsing, vibration of energy, and drawing that connection up through your feet or through your sitz bones – wherever you are connected to Mother Earth – draw that energy up into your first chakra.


Notice the grounding and connection.


Continue to breathe fully, deeply and with ease.

Notice your attention and bring it gently and effortlessly to the vibration of our Mother Earth within you.


Become one with our Mother as she holds and nurtures you.

As you continue your breathing, begin to bring that connection, that energy up to your heart chakra, noticing the energy, the vibration of the earth as it expands within your heart.


Witness any thoughts, feelings or emotions, allowing them and then releasing them, with love and ease. Feel your heart expand with each breath.

Pulling in the energy and vibration of our Mother Earth, allow your heart to expand with light, love, and peace.


Light, love, peace. Your heart opening and expanding.

Light, love, peace. Connecting with the earth, with nature, with all beings.

Light, love, peace. Witnessing the intelligence within every living being.


As you breathe you are connecting with all that is. With earth and sky, oceans and mountains, all beings and the cosmos which surrounds us. You are one with all. Light, love, peace. Expanding and connecting with all. Gradually bringing your awareness back to your heart.


Notice the steady beating of life. The rich fullness and the expansion.

Lay your hand upon your heart. Notice any thoughts or feelings, then release these thoughts with ease, bringing your focus back to your breath.


Gradually allow your breath to bring your attention back to your first Chakra, noticing the energy of the Mother holding you quietly and still.

With great gratitude and love, release the energy and vibration back to the earth.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for sustaining us and holding us as one.

Thank you for your gifts of light, love and peace.


Slowly and with great ease, notice your hands and feet. Wiggle your toes and gradually open your eyes.


Allow yourself to sit for a few moments and witness deeply your connection with our Mother Earth and all living beings.


Listen and let me guide you through a meditation here.


Sending you Solstice and Grand Conjunction Blessings​,



Alberto Villoldo, PhD


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