We have heard “Love is the Answer”, “Love Yourself”, “It’s all about Love,” “Love others as You Love Yourself.”  But when we are living lives that come from wounded places, our ancestral karma, and our genetic lineage, they are only clichés to us because we can’t embody them. The wisdom and the beauty of them is in conflict with the beliefs fed by our wounds and karma.  How can I love others as I love myself when I don’t love myself?  In psychological terms, we are feeling cognitive dissonance. 

The healing modality of the North is Soul Retrieval. We have all experienced soul loss, collectively and personally and we have suffered and lost our innocence. Soul Retrieval allows us to recover our innocence – not naively, but through wisdom.  We recover our lost passion and our destiny. 

Don Antonio Morales, who was on the faculty of the University of Cusco and a full-blooded Inka, became my primary mentor. I walked with him through the high mountains of the Andes, meditating in sacred sites and ancient temples. I also studied with medicine women of the highlands who taught me about power animals and showed me how to merge my consciousness with that of a jungle cat and a condor. Despite my training in Western science, I learned to open my inner vision. I discovered the maps to the Lower World of our past and to the Upper World of our becoming, and the techniques of soul retrieval and destiny retrieval.

By practicing soul retrieval with hundreds of clients over the last 20 years, I came to realize that deep healing could occur in the space of days and weeks rather than months and years. This was the wisdom I’d been seeking—an understanding of the mind that goes beyond our physical bodies, in which the mind is the vehicle for awareness and the author of our health and our destiny. After two decades of research in the Amazon and the Andes, I’ve adapted ancient techniques into processes that we can use to mend our past and heal our destiny. These techniques interweave findings in anatomy, physiology, biology, and physics, and make these ancient healing practices eminently contemporary and scientific. Each year, hundreds of students who study with me and the faculty of The Four Winds Society, learn how to employ these techniques to heal themselves and others.

But what does it mean to heal the future? Healing, you see, is different from curing. Although healing is very often accompanied by a cure, a cure alone seldom results in a healing. For instance, many of us know people who have undergone a coronary bypass or had a tumor removed, but who haven’t healed their toxic relationships or changed their diet; consequently, their condition recurs months or years later. We also probably know individuals who have been in psychotherapy for years, yet they still can’t find a healthy relationship or get over their anger at their parents. But, we may also know of those who say, “My cancer saved my life,” because it gave them the opportunity to reinvent every aspect of themselves, from their diet to their relationships and careers.

In other words, curing is the business of medicine, and it involves eliminating symptoms; while healing is the crafting of a healthy lifestyle by eliminating the cause of suffering and disease and then creating a meaningful destiny. Western medicine cures the body, while psychology treats the mind—but healing attends to the soul and the spirit. The Laika believe that the physical world nests within the realm of the mind, which rests within the domain of the soul, which is held within the folds of the spirit. Spirit is the wellspring from which everything else emerges: It is pure light.

As seers who perceive the invisible world of energy and spirit, the Laika understand that everything in the universe is made of light, and that it forms and creates matter. In some things, light is bound very tightly, as in trees and stones, while in others it’s more fluid, such as in rivers or in sunlight. Today, scientific discoveries confirm that when we look deeply into the heart of matter at the most fundamental level, all we find is vibration and light.

So, by working directly with the soul and the spirit, you will release cognitive dissonance and  bring about the change that will allow you to experience that Love truly is the answer. 



Alberto Villoldo - The Four Winds

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