01 Aug — The First Chakra

The five lower chakras, from the root to the throat, are nourished primarily by the Earth and known as Earth Chakras. Imagine a tree whose roots go deep into the ground, drawing nutrients from the Earth and carrying them up the trunk to the highest...
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25 Jul — The Chakras — An Introduction

Regardless of our place of birth, we all have a skeleton with the exact same number of bones. Likewise, we share the same luminous anatomy, which includes the chakras and the acupuncture meridians. The chakras (a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”) are swirling disks of energy....
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Occasionally in the winter months our bodies can begin to feel sluggish and out of balance. Not only do we feel the effects physically, but we may find ourselves experiencing the winter blues. Our Luminous Energy Field (LEF) surrounds and informs our physical body, and...
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05 Oct — Cord Cutting Basics

The first way we will build our energetic defenses is by learning how to cut cords for ourselves. Cords connect us to people, places and even lifetimes.  Psychiatry refers to them as trauma bonds and they follow us throughout our lives.  Unless these cords are...
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11 May — Journey to Chamber of Treasures

Now it’s time to journey to the Chamber of Treasures—the final chamber of the Lower World. Here you’ll find your own tool that will conquer the twin behemoths of apathy and resistance to change. You’ll ask for a deeply buried instrument to bring back with...
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