Are you looking to make a difference in the world? To helping others discover health, meaning and purpose?

Founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, the Light Body School training combines ancient shamanic wisdom teachings with cutting-edge practices in nutrition, biology and neuroscience to give you the tools you’ll need to transform yourself and launch a successful career doing what you love.

You can train from anywhere in the world through our online program, and launch your practice as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach in as little as six months. Or, you can receive your training through our residential program at one of our campuses in the United States, Germany and Chile. Our main campus, Los Lobos Sanctuary, is nestled in the coastal mountain range adjoining a World Biosphere Preserve in Chile.


Become an Agent for Extraordinary Health

Work with the energetic matrix that informs the body, carries your genetic inheritance and determines your destiny. Discover how to switch on the genes that create health and switch off those that create disease. Learn to prime the brain to experience the higher states of consciousness.


Transform Yourself and the World

Experience holistic healing, profound personal transformation, and connect to a lineage of luminous Shamans and Earthkeepers. Acquire the skills and tools to help others make the energetic, emotional, nutritional, and lifestyle changes needed to create and maintain exceptional health.


Join a Revolution in Health

Join thousands of graduates worldwide who are ushering in a new paradigm of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Discover Shamanic Energy Medicine, a system founded on the experience of Oneness that restores your inner harmony and can make your healthspan equal your lifespan.


Endorsements for Dr. Villoldo’s books and work

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD Stem cell biologist, lecturer, best-selling author and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award September 15, 2016

"A paradigm shattering synthesis of wisdom traditions and modern science..."



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Become an agent of transformation and bring health and wellbeing to the world!


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