Grow a New Body Program

In our exclusive Grow a New Body retreat, you will sample the brain foods and nutrients that repair the brain, regulate cellular energy production, and reverse the damage done by free radicals and oxidative stress. Detoxifying nutraceuticals, including antioxidant and mitochondrial repair formulas, will clear away the brain fog, relieve cellular stress, and bring you increased clarity and energy.


Experience grand temples where we pray and meditate, where we tap into that great cosmic body of wisdom in sacred space. In these ancient places where men and women have gathered to pray for millennia, where their energy is so palpable and so extraordinarily strong, we can awaken the divine qualities within us.

Private Consultations

Private consultations are conducted by the associate faculty of the Four Winds Society, all trained by Dr. Alberto Villoldo. Consultations with Dr. Villoldo are also available. Available by telephone or Skype, the sessions last approximately 50 minutes.

Practitioner Directory

Our Practitioner Directory includes the energy healers that have completed the full Energy Medicine program from The Four Winds Society, and are actively practicing shamanic energy medicine. Our graduates have been trained to work one on one with clients personally, as well as remotely over the phone.

To register as a practitioner please send us your full name, address, email contact and website link.