2017 Jan 17 -The Origins of Shamanism

I am often asked about the origins of shamanism – when did it originate, where did it start, and who were the first shamans. We know that shamanism is a prehistoric tradition dating back to hunter/gatherer (Paleolithic) cultures. Cave art 30,000-years-old shows evidence of shamanic practices,...

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2017 Jan 10 -Primitive vs. Modern Diet

There is an extraordinary collaboration between human beings and the plant kingdom. We are perfect symbionts: oxygen — the waste product of plant respiration — sustains life for us humans, and our respiratory waste – carbon dioxide — sustains life for the plants. Plants turn...

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2017 Jan 03 -Of Earthkeepers and Shamans

Throughout the ages, secret societies of Native American medicine men and women carefully guarded their ancient wisdom teachings and acted as stewards of nature. These “Earthkeepers” existed in many nations and were called by many names; in the Andes and the Amazon, they are known...

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2016 Dec 27 -Castaways vs. Caretakers

Native American shamans have practiced energy medicine for more than five thousand years. Some medicine people believe their spiritual lineage extends back even further. They remember stories handed down from grandmother to granddaughter that speak about when the Earth was young. Even though the early inhabitants...

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2016 Dec 20 -A Solstice Meditation

The word solstice roughly translates as “when the sun stands still,” from the Latin sol, and sistere. On December 21st, the sun reaches its southernmost position in the sky – Tropic of Capricorn – stands still, and then reverses its direction towards the north. Whether you...

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2016 Dec 13 -Mastering Time

In the West, we’ve been taught that time flows in one direction only; that the future is always ahead of us and the past is always behind us. This is monochronic time, which flows linearly. But time doesn’t just fly like an arrow, it also turns like...

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