Clearing the Mother Energy

Many ask who is Gaia, Pachamama, the Divine Mother and how can I embrace her?

One old Shaman explained that: “Your God is a descending God. He comes down from the heavens on rare occasions to touch those of us here on the Earth; whereas our deity is an ascending divinity who rises from the Earth like the golden corn and resides among us. Our creative force is Pachamama, the Divine Mother.”

The sages worked with the Divine Mother, an energy or intelligence they could interact with, to heal their patients. We each have the potential to discover the Divine Mother in nature. This is a force that infuses all of creation, a sea of energy and consciousness that we all swim in and are part of. This life force infuses every cell in our bodies, animates all living beings, and even fuels stars.

In order for us to discover the Divine Mother, we must first release our own mother, no matter how wonderful or terrible our relationship. We can accomplish this by practicing gratitude. Gratitude takes us beyond forgiveness, beyond the idea that we were wronged and that our mother needs our forgiveness.  In gratitude, we thank our mother, grandmothers, or caretakers for the lessons they taught us, even the difficult ones. Until we come to the place of gratitude for our physical mother, we cannot get to the transpersonal Divine Mother.

We do this by engaging in the Ceremony of the Beloved:


  1. First, blow your gratitude to your mother, grandmothers or those who acted as mother into your stick. Wish them well and wish them a divine journey. Now blow any energies: remorse, regret, longing into your stick. Then take your stick and burn it in the fire to burn away all the energies you had wrapped around the story of your mother. Then bring the energy of the fire to your heart center and bring in all the lessons and gratitude. You may want to repeat this exercise with your grandmother or siblings or other women who acted in the role of mother to you.
  2. Second, take the next step to return to the Divine Mother. Take another stick and blow into the stick the three former lives you found to release any karma that may still be spilling into the present. Blow in one beautiful and one terrible vision you saw for each life. Blow in the way you died. Honor each life and blow that into the stick then burn the stick in the fire. Pass your hands over the fire and bring all the life lessons into your heart.
  3. Third, take a vow to return to the Divine Mother and never leave her. Come to her in repentance and with your intention to become a steward and a keeper of Eden. Thank her for coming into your heart and making you a Time Master. Blow your vow into a stick and then burn the stick in the fire. Pass your hands over the fire and bring your vow into your heart. You may need to repeat this third exercise until you feel that you have been accepted back into the physical Eden here on earth.

Are you ready to have gratitude for all you learned from your earthly mother so you can embrace the Divine Mother?