Free Yourself from Generational Curses

We can free ourselves from the terrible, debilitating stories that are handed down to us from mother to daughter, from father to son ─ the stories of scarcity, of unworthiness, of never finding love or success.

In the Amazon, the shamans call these generational curses, the tragic tales that we inherit and struggle with throughout our entire lifetime.

Each one of our stories predisposes us to a lifestyle and a fate that affirms the worst in each tale, including:

Poor eating habits
Weight gain
Mild depression
No time for ourselves
Not finding the right love
No time to exercise
MAN-SKY3As modern shamans, we know that we cannot change our diet or our relationships until we change our underlying stories for more empowering ones.

A Heroic vs. a Tragic Story

Our stories are etched into the fabric of our energy field, and into tissue, muscle and bone. We cannot simply imagine a tale where we had different parents and a happy childhood, because it would be a lie. We cannot lie to our soul.

We have to change the way our stories live inside us. And we do this by becoming the storyteller instead of the story. We do not exchange one tale for a better one in which we have a happy ending.

We break our generational curses by realizing that we can become the author of our destiny, that we can embark on a hero’s journey, and that all the things that happened to us in the past are the source of great gifts and lessons if we choose to see them as such.

This is an act of power that we, as shamans, make before Spirit.

We choose to live heroically, no longer a victim of our past, or our upbringing. We choose to harvest gifts in the garbage heap of the past.

And we take pen to the blank page of our destiny.

Really. Yes. It can be done!

You can read more about this in my book, One Spirit Medicine!