Journey to the Fifth World

The upper world of the Laika consists of four levels, the first is the level of the Stone People. The second is the level of the Plant People, the third is the level of the Animal Spirits, and the fourth is the level of the Ancestors.

From the fourth level, you can climb a ladder into the fifth and highest level of the Upper World. This is the realm of the angels and archangels, where the great medicine healers reside. This is where all the souls dedicated to assisting humankind dwell, including the bodhisattvas of Buddhism and the saints of Christianity. This is where you meet the self that never entered the stream of time, the one containing all the knowledge of the person you’re evolving into.

Although this notion of “climbing a cosmic ladder” might seem strange, representations of this ladder can be seen sticking out of underground kivas and pointing toward the sky all over the American Southwest. In the Inka tradition, this ladder leads to Sirius, the Dog Star, and then into the Upper World. 

Before you leave the Upper World, you’ll call out for a power animal whose instinct and qualities will guide you to your destiny. The spirit animal that you’re gifted from the Upper World is almost always a winged creature, such as a hawk, dove, or eagle. It will teach you vision and the ability to put your life into perspective.

As with previous journeys, you may want to record these instructions before starting in order to minimize distractions.

Sit or recline comfortably and prepare by opening sacred space. Perform the little-death breathing exercise and then silently state your intention for this journey: that you would like to meet your celestial parents. Imagine a great tree in front of you whose trunk is wide and spacious, with roots that go deep into the earth and branches extending into the heavens. Send your luminous body into the trunk of this tree. Experience yourself within it, being held in its embrace, the sap flowing through you as it rises from the roots and up into the branches. Allow that sap to carry you to the uppermost branches, and come to a place above the clouds.

Look around you. You are on a solid cloud, and you can stand and walk safely. Now call on the gatekeeper: “Keeper of the Time to Come, you who make the stars turn on their orbits, allow me to enter your domains.” See the gatekeeper approaching and welcoming you. Look into his eyes and state your intent again.

Ask the gatekeeper to bring you to your celestial parents. Notice how two lights approach from a distance and draw close to you. Greet them—these are your luminous parents, archetypes that are free from time and form. Sense how they greet you, saying, “Welcome home, my little one, all is well.”

Ask these beings, “Who are you?” “Are you my celestial parents?” and “How are you related to me?” As you commune with these luminous beings, notice how your thoughts and theirs become one. There is no separation between you. Anything you think, they perceive instantly and totally. Anything they think, you perceive in its entirety.

Ask these beings to remind you of that original sacred contract you agreed to before you came into this lifetime. Ask why you chose the parents you picked, the place you were born, and the circumstances of your birth. Ask them to remind you of the agreement that you made with Spirit before you were born: What did you come to this life to experience, explore, learn, and serve? How true have you been to this agreement? How do you reinstate its original terms? 

Remembering your sacred contract, follow these two beings of light to a great ladder extending above the sky, and ascend with them into the fifth world, to the place of your becoming. Look about you: This is a place of diamond cities, of crystal villages, of unspoiled earth and pristine rivers. Ask that you be shown the destiny line that will bring you the highest good, where you will be of greatest service to all life. You may perceive this as a feeling, sensation, or image, or as words. But the important thing is to perceive it with your heart and soul.

Once you’ve perceived this highest destiny, inquire what your new sacred contract can be. Does it include your deep longings and aspirations? Ask your celestial parents what you are committing to learn, love, and experience. Remember that you can negotiate the terms of this new agreement.

Now begin your journey down the ladder, and back into the fourth world. If you like, take a moment to visit in the village of your ancestors, and know that all is well with them. When you’ve finished, thank your celestial parents, who will be waiting for you when you return back home after your death. Thank them for helping you remember your sacred contracts. And thank them for allowing you to bring back in your heart the destiny that you’ve retrieved. 

As you prepare to leave the Upper World, thank the gatekeeper and call on a winged spirit animal to accompany you. Sense how it drapes its wings around you, holding you sweetly. Know that it is here to guide and protect you. With your spirit animal, return to the uppermost limbs of the great tree, descend through the branches as they grow thicker and thicker, and allow the sap to carry you back down the massive trunk. Feel the spirit animal coming with you, flying around you as you descend. Step out of the tree and back into the room and into your body. Sense the spirit animal hovering about you. Look deeply into its eyes: What color are they? Feel its talons. Extend your hands and take this winged animal energetically into your seventh chakra. Feel it extend its wings inside your heart. 

Come back into our world, bringing forth that which you retrieved, remembering who you are, where you come from, and what you came here to experience. Carry this intent in your heart with purity and compassion.

Take a deep breath, open your eyes, and close sacred space.