— Moving Your Assemblage Point

As discussed in an earlier blog, the assemblage point is the energetic structure within our Luminous Energy Field (LEF) where we decode our supersensory experiences and “read” the world of energy and emotions around us.

In the exercise that follows, you’ll learn how to locate your assemblage point, and how to move it to alter your perceptions and change your experience of reality. It requires practice, but as you come to master it, you’ll be able to change the energetics of any situation you find yourself in and solve problems from a higher level.

Find a quiet and comfortable spot to sit, where you won’t be interrupted. Turn off all phone ringers and settle into your seat. Let go of the thoughts tumbling around in your mind. Inhale deeply, and exhale. Breathe in … and exhale. Slowly inhale again, focusing on your breath … and exhale.

Place both of your hands in a prayer pose at the center of your chest. Take a few breaths slowly and then raise your hands, still pressed together, up past your face, above your head, pushing them upward as high as you can until you enter the eighth chakra, the Wiracocha  — a golden disk of energy that hovers, spinning, several inches above your head and within your LEF. This chakra is our connection with the Great Spirit, the place where God dwells within us. It exists outside of time and is eternal.

Pulling your hands apart, fan them outward, palms facing away from each other. As you slowly move your outstretched arms down to your sides, set the intention to bring the light from your Wiracocha to create a bubble that envelops your whole body, going into the earth to just below your feet. Envision this bubble of light surrounding you, pulsating as it draws energy up from the ground and into your legs, spine, chest, arms, and head. Feel the energy as it flows from above your head back to the ground, and back into your body.

Using your hands, explore your LEF until you sense a spot that feels different — it may be tingly, warmer or cooler than the rest of your energy field. Your assemblage point will most likely be located near your head, to one side or the other, and it may feel like a ball about the size of a grapefruit.

When you find it, use your imagination to feel its shape. You may experience distinct sensations as you hold your assemblage point — an unexpected sense of joy, or perhaps nausea or disorientation. Maybe you feel nothing at all as you imagine holding this energy sphere in your hands — it’s all perfectly normal.

Now that you’ve located, it we are going to work on moving it. Using your hands, bring your assemblage point to your Wiracocha — this is the “bridge” position. Take a few deep breaths and note the sensations in your body — many people feel peace and communion while in this position.

Next, bring your assemblage point down above your pubic bone, just over the first chakra — the domain of serpent. Hold your assemblage point here. Because serpent is located at your first chakra, your perception will be very primordial, instinctual. Become aware of any breathing changes, and tune in to your heart rate, to the sensations in your skin, and to your physiology.

When you’re ready, raise your assemblage point back up to the bridge position. Rest there briefly. Inhale deeply and slowly, and then exhale. Now bring your assemblage point to your second chakra, the vortex of energy located below your navel. Rest it there, experiencing the sensory level of jaguar. Because the perception of the cat is located at your second chakra, it can arouse emotions and even sexual feelings. Become aware of which emotions reside here, and how easily you can sense anger, excitement, or fear; as well as kindness, generosity, and passion.

Continue breathing deeply and slowly, and return your assemblage point to the position of bridge.

Slowly move your assemblage point to the sixth chakra, in the middle of your forehead, the realm of hummingbird. Rest in this level of perception, aware of the many paths that your journey has taken you on in this life. Here you can observe how everything that’s happened to you, good and bad, has had meaning and purpose. Because the sixth chakra is the domain of inner vision, you may feel a sense of stillness, similar to how a hummingbird hovers in flight. In this perceptual state, telepathic experiences are common, and an Earthkeeper can sense what a loved one is doing or how she is feeling, even at a distance of hundreds of miles.

When you’re ready, return your assemblage point to bridge. Take a few deep breaths. Now move your assemblage point up to the ninth chakra, located high above your head and outside of your LEF — the domain of Spirit and eagle. Experience a blissful connection to all that is: to the rivers and the trees, to the people living now and your ancestors, to the rain and the wind, the stars and the sun. Experience your oneness with the divine and all of creation, beyond boundaries of space and time.

When you’re ready, pull your assemblage point back to bridge. Take a deep breath, and move your assemblage point back to its customary access point. Here, you reenter your everyday reality and return to being fully functional in this world.

At the end of the exercise, retrieve the protective bubble of light you’ve created. Fanning your outstretched hands in an upwards motion (palms facing up), set your intention to bring the light back into your Wiracocha. Then, bring your hands down over the front of your body, picturing you caress your face, torso and body with light and give some of that light back to Mother Earth, Pachamama. Finish by placing your hands in prayer position.

In a future blog, we’ll explore the infinite range of possibilities that open to us when we master the art of moving our assemblage point.