1. Can I come if I am not a mountaineer? There are only gentle hikes in this Expedition, and if you are unable to hike our vehicles can get you very close to the ceremonial sites and temples we visit. This is not a strenuous or challenging journey, although there are many great hikes available daily if you want a good workout.

2. What about the altitude? Our lodge is located in the Sacred Valley at an altitude of approximately 9,400 feet. Some may experience altitude sickness at this elevation, and it might take you a night or two to fully adapt.

3. How many people come on the Expedition? You will be in a small group of no more than 20 fellow travelers in a bus with a Four Winds guide and shamans, for your visits to the archeological sites and ancient temples. For the evening lectures we meet as a lager group.

4. Are Alberto & Marcela with us? Yes, either Alberto or Marcela will be with you on most days.

5. Can I participate if I am not a Four Winds student? Yes, this Expedition is open.

6. Is it safe? Peru receives millions of travellers from around the world. The country is safe, and the lodge where we stay has a hygienic kitchen and purified water. We suggests you leave your valuables in a safe in your room, and watch your camera and purse when in towns.

7. I am not interested in the indigenous traditions but want to come to Peru. What should I do? Probably best to travel with someone else!

8. Can I bring my children? Kids over 12 years and older can join to this expedition as another participant.

9. Are the rites of passage the same as the Munay-Ki? Yes, during your visit to the archeological sites you will receive the rites of passage and transmission from the shamans directly.

10. Who are the shamans we work with? They are the sons and daughters of the masters Alberto trained with years ago, now full-fledged shamans themselves. We have worked with these medicine men and women for more than 30 years.

11. Why do you go in June or July when it is winter? Peru is near the Equator, so the seasons do not make much difference. June and July are the dry season!

12. What if my roommate snores? It is sometimes possible to upgrade to a single room once at our lodge in the Sacred Valley. You can also book a single room in advance.