Alberto villoldo perfoming shamanic healing

A Message from Our Founder:

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.I have led many expeditions to Machu Picchu, where the ancestors of the Inka practiced shamanic medicine for millennia. The last temples in Machu Picchu were commissioned by Pachacuti, who ruled the vast Kingdom of Cusco in the mid 1400's. The Inka king was considered the son of the sun, a living god who had transcended death and defeated time. His name gives us a clue as to the spiritual disciplines practiced in this city in the clouds – Pachacuti means the one who stepped outside of time. The mystery schools he presided over refined the practices of shamanic ecstasy, of stepping outside of time and beyond the reach of death.

The spiritual travelers who accompany me in our expeditions long to come down the mountain forever changed. They hope to return to their everyday lives seeing, thinking, feeling, and acting differently so that they can experience greater peace, a sense of purpose, and freedom from the daily grind.

I explain to my fellow travelers that if you are born with a little talent and a heroic determination, you can attain the deep emotional, physical and spiritual healing you seek. You can even attain enlightenment in this lifetime. No small task! The key to these treasures is shamanic ecstasy, a state of lucid awareness.

However, if you cannot contain the experience of shamanic ecstasy for more than an instant or two, in time you will doubt the value of the awareness that transcends the concerns and apparent reality of the visible world. Doubt enters as the mind goes into overdrive planning what you will do tonight, tomorrow, and next year, what to make for dinner, whether you need a root canal, and what to do if the road is closed or your flight is cancelled. Reconnecting with the spiritual world drops to the bottom of the To Do list. Then, shamanic ecstasy begins to seem like a strange little detour on your daily trek to work.

At the Light Body School you begin by learning how to repair the brain through energy healing, so it can hold the states of shamanic ecstasy, and allow it to shed the tired old stories that keep you bound to ordinary reality. Then you learn to source from timelessness even as you swim through the river of time. Then, and only then, can you practice the techniques of energy medicine that allow you to attain peace and happiness, that can make your health span equal your lifespan, and that permits you to help others. These are the practical tools that the shamanic healing of old discovered for living an enlightened life.

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

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