• Learn to Heal Yourself and Others
  • Learn to Grow a New Body that Ages, Heals, and Lives Joyfully
  • Learn where Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Neruoscience

The light-body contains a blueprint of how you will heal, how you will age, and how you might die…


Alberto-4Years ago I was a medical anthropologist in the Amazon Rainforest with a research grant from a pharmaceutical company hoping to find the bark or root that could become the next great cancer cure. After all, the jungle is nature’s pharmacy, filled with exotic plants whose powers have yet to be discovered. I spent many months canoeing to villages that had seldom seen a white man and wherever I went, I found there was no cancer, dementia, or heart disease, even among the elders of the communities. Clearly, the indigenous people of the area knew something about health that we westerners didn’t know. What was their secret?

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.


WOMANThe four-week (300 hour) residential program is taught by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Marcela Lobos M.A., and senior teachers. It is considered the Gold Standard in shamanic education and prepares wise and ethical energy medicine practitioners.

“The Light Body School is the Harvard of neo-shamanism”
—Harper’s Bazaar

During the training you will experience profound healing and transformation. You will enjoy an extraordinary detox diet, the gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, nutrient dense organic meals that will help you begin to grow a new and more vibrant body. The neuro-nutrients available at the option Brain Bar will clear your brain-fog as you upgrade and repair your brain.

FOOD3PART I (Two weeks) The basic skills for healing yourself and others. PART II (Two weeks) The mystery teachings and advanced tools for dreaming your world into being. You must enroll for the entire program, and can attend PART I & II together, or separately.

Everything in the Universe is energy. In the training you learn to heal yourself and others through the Luminous Energy Field (LEF), the information field that surrounds your body. The field consists of light and vibration, so what you vibrate in your LEF, you create in your health and in the world!





FEB 1 – 28, 2016 – Chile
MAY 7 – JUN 4, 2016 – Costa Rica
JUN 20 – JUL 17, 2016 – Germany
OCT 3 – 30, 2016 – Massachusetts

The classes are held in world-class spas. Blue Spirit in Costa Rica has been named the “one of the best yoga retreats in the planet” by Travel & Leisure Magazine. Los Lobos Monastery in Chile is a sanctuary of peace in the Andes, and summertime when it is snowing in the North!   And we control the kitchen to insure a healing and detox diet, using the freshest natural foods.


energy1Shamanic energy medicine upgrades the quality of the LEF and instructs your molecules, your cells, and your genes to create health. The LEF can be thought of as the software that informs your DNA -the hardware- to repair your body. Ordinarily, your LEF creates your health (and your emotions) according to the instructions inherited from your parents. It replicates the heart conditions, the breast conditions, and the emotional dramas that cut across generations. We continue to live out our family’s health and psychological dramas, to live the way they lived, and die the way they died. We can change this! Though the Illumination process you can switch off the genes that create pathology and erase the imprints of disease from the LEF.

You will learn how our brains have been damaged by toxins, heavy metals, and stress, and how to repair this damage so that you can attain the clarity necessary to create psychosomatic health. In the Neuroscience of Enlightenment you learn to use superfoods and neuro-nutrients to switch on the longevity genes, repair mitochondria, and have your healthspan equal your lifespan.

You will begin to grow a new body that heals and ages gracefully.

You learn:

  • The Illumination process to clear toxic imprints from your Field
  • The science of energy fields
  • What is illness trying to tell you or your client?
  • How to turn your wounds into sources of wisdom and compassion
  • How to reset the fight or flight system to feel safe in the world
  • The shamanic fire ceremony
  • The rites of passage and initiations
  • To craft new neural networks that support health, creativity, and joy

You master:

NONJUDGEMENT:  You transcend your limiting beliefs and let go of your opinions about right and wrong, good and bad.

NONSUFFERING:  You no longer write stories about your pain.

NONATTACHMENT: You let go of the labels you stuck onto yourself and find your reference point internally. Let it no longer be your ego but your divinity.

BEAUTY: You perceive loveliness even when there is ugliness, you find the gifts from Spirit, and can bring beauty to every moment.

Bands of Protection allow you to live fearlessly and walk in safety in the world.  The ‘Seers’ Rite helps you to perceive the invisible realms of energy.  The ‘Harmony’ Rite brings balance to all areas of your life.  The ‘Healer’s’ Rite, connects you to luminous healers that assist you in your work.



Manos2This week you leave behind the tired, worn-out stories and archetypes and step into the path of the luminous healer who walks truth and creates truth. You break free from the grip of fear and prepare to journey beyond death and taste infinity.

You learn how you can heal the biological and karmic imprints of our family of origin that propel you toward a pre-ordained fate. You begin to clear the emotional legacy inherited from your ancestors and from former lifetimes. As a result, you are no longer afflicted by the genetics and life dramas that consumed your family. You help your ancestors find peace, so you do not have to re-live their lives and diseases.

“Epigenetics teaches us that we can break free of the fate pre-ordained by our family history and genetics.”

This week you learn the shaman’s perceptual states, which will allow you to track or “see” phenomena on the physical, emotional, mythic and energetic levels of reality.  As you develop your ability to “see’ the invisible world you are able to heal the cause of emotional and physical disease, and not only the symptoms.

The Extraction process allows you to release toxic energies (or entities) from the LEF. Intrusive energies create illness in the body, confuse your emotions, and fragment your soul.

In Walking with Protection you discover the high level of integrity and ethics necessary to step into the path of the shaman. You learn to not be at the mercy of the abuses of power that are so common in the world. As you shine light on the dark, shadowy aspects of your life you no longer need to encounter these in your relationships, and you attain peace, balance, and healing.

You learn:

  • Epigenetics – How your beliefs and personal mythology impact your health and longevity
  • To break free of the karmic and genetic ‘curses’ of the ancestors
  • To identify and extract intrusive energies and emotions
  • The shamans luminous tools for protection
  • To track the shadow aspects of the self
  • Prevention – fixing things before they are broken to create life-long health
  • To map and change the energies of family constellations

You master:

FEARLESSNESS: You actively practice nonviolence in speech and action, as violence is rooted in fear.

NONDOING: You immerse yourself in the flow of the universe. Remain in the moment and enjoy life as it unfolds.

CERTAINTY: You have an unwavering commitment to the path you have chosen, and have no other option but success.

NONENGAGEMENT: You do not engage in battles, and give up the need to be right.

The ‘Daykeeper’ Rite makes you a steward of the Earth as well as of the ebb and flow of the seasons, of death and life.



energy3In this week, you learn how to enter into sacred time to heal the past and chart a new course of destiny.  You become self-referencing, no longer defined by success or failure, and become the author of your own life story.  In fire ceremonies you burn your limiting roles and beliefs.

Soul retrieval can achieve in one or two sessions what can take years to resolve in psychotherapy. It is the skill to achieve freedom from the past. In this week you will learn to recover a lost soul part that fled as a result of pain or trauma.  You learn to write empowering soul contracts and reclaim your joy and innocence in order to step into a life of grace.

In Reading the Signs of Destiny you learn to recognize the signs provided by nature. You heed the cautions and seize the opportunities that destiny offers you.

You Learn:

  • The skills of the Medical Intuitive
  • To heal emotional trauma with Soul Retrieval
  • Non-local healing across space and time
  • To work with a lineage of luminous shamans that work with you and through you
  • Mythic mapping – how to create sacred maps for yourself and your clients
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • The maps of the Upper world – the realms of Spirit
  • The skills and tools for shamanic tracking

You master:

BEGINNER’S MIND: You learn to give up all expectations and preconceived notions.

LIVING CONSCIOUSLY: You recognize the impact of each thought, intention and action.

TRANSPARENCY: Be who you are, say who you are. Stop hiding parts of yourself.

PRACTICE TRUTH: Be true to your word and recognize its power to create reality. What you repeat to yourself, the universe will manifest. 

THE WISDOMKEEPERS RITE – Learn to source directly from, and become part of, a lineage of Masters who stepped outside of time. The Earthkeeper Rite – will help you quantum leap to the time to come and invite you to take on the stewardship of all living beings.

“When you create the energetic and emotional conditions for health, disease goes away.” 



PeopleIn this week you discover that the world is as you dream it, and that everything you perceive and confuse for ‘reality’ really is a projection of an internal map in your LEF. You learn to change the world by crafting new energy maps. You discover how to own your projections so that you can dream a world of beauty and health.  You identify and close the “back doors” in your life, which siphon your vital life force and prevent you from making your dreams reality.

You learn the art of Dying Consciously – being fully aware when you journey to the Spirit world. You master the art of helping others take this great journey with grace and dignity. You will learn how to make impermanence an ally, so that you can help yourself and others to fully live a rich and authentic life in every moment.

In Working with the Sacred you discover the 22 archetypes or forces inform DNA, nature, the cosmos, and our lives, and how they hold the seeds of great wisdom. You learn that beyond the body and the mind is the domain of myths – the place of the ancient gods.  You explore the legends and archetypes that play in your dreams and guide your destiny.

You learn:

  • How to dream your world into being
  • How to own your projections
  • The creative power of the Shadow
  • To journey to the Spirit world
  • The maps to the territory beyond death

You master:

MASTERY OF TIME: You trust synchronicity and learn to live in sacred time, and allow the universe to conspire on your behalf.

OWN YOUR PROJECTIONS: You own that which makes you uncomfortable, and no longer hold anyone else responsible for your pain or happiness.

NO MIND: You get in touch with the Sage within, with Spirit.

SHAMANIC ALCHEMY: You embark on a sacred journey, see only opportunities, and step into your destiny. 

The Starkeeper Rite –Your physical body begins to evolve into that of homo Luminous. The Creator Rite gives you stewardship for all creation, from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies in the universe. 

Bonus: Peru expedition for graduates only! After you complete your training you are invited to join an advanced expedition to the Andes led by Marcela and Alberto.

CEU’s: The Energy Medicine Training is approved for Continuing Education Units for Licensed Professionals including Social Workers, Professional Counselors, Nurses, and Massage Therapists.



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