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Energy medicine classes

Learn the Science Behind Energy Healing and Shamanic Wisdom

Beginning and Advanced – Energy Medicine Classes and Certification

The Light Body Energy Medicine School offers an in-depth training in the philosophy and practice of Shamanic Energy Medicine. The 7-course curriculum the Shaman’s Journey is named according to the four directions – “South,” “West,” “North,” and “East” – plus three Masters level classes where you learn the ancient wisdom teachings of the Americas combined with cutting edge neuroscience.

The Luminous Energy Field (LEF) envelops the physical body and holds a record of all your emotional, physical, and spiritual traumas. The LEF is an information field, a blueprint that determines how you will heal, live, and might die.

Shamans of old discovered how to erase the imprints of disease from the LEF, break free of generational curses, and wire the brain for joy and creativity.  The Light Body courses teach you the ancient shamanic practice of how to heal your LEF, and erase imprints of disease.

The Medicine Wheel Program
If you are invested in the Wisdom Teachings, but not the Energy Medicine, we welcome you to our Medicine Wheel Program. These courses are three days in length each.

The Advanced Journey
We also offer graduates of the Light Body School an Advanced Journey with a Master’s Level Energy Medicine Certification.

In the Light Body School
Your energy medicine journey starts with the South course where you shed your limiting beliefs, the stories and blocks that keep you from living the life you dream of.  In the South class, you learn how to clear the imprints of trauma and disease through the Illumination process. When these imprints are removed, life changes, and health returns!

Then you take the West course, where you shed your genetic and karmic ‘destiny.’ You learn that you are your dreams, and not your genes, and that you do not have to live, suffer, or die the way your ancestors did. Thru Shamanic exercises you discover the journey beyond death and the practice of fearlessness.

Then you take the North class where you release the roles and personas that you identify with. You take your place in a lineage of wisdom keepers who live outside of time.  You connect to you soul’s calling… the essence of who you are, where you allow yourself to be seen … nothing to hide.

Then you take the East course, where you realize that the world is as you dream it, and that everything you perceive is a projection of an internal map you carry. You begin to create the world you truly wish to live in.

In between, you take three advanced skills courses, in Reading the Signs of Destiny,
you learn to recognize the signs provided by nature, the Universe, and chance events. As you deepen the art of shamanic seeing and perceive the world of formless energy, you heed the cautions and seize the opportunities of each moment.

In Working with the Sacred you step beyond the body and the mind, and enter the domain of the soul– the place of the gods.  You discover the ancient myths and archetypal forces that guide your journey through life.

In the Neuroscience of Enlightenment you learn to repair the brain to access states of shamanic ecstasy where you can heal the body and mend the mind. You discover how, detox, super-foods, and shamanic practices help you, your family and your clients grow a new body that heals, ages, and dies differently.

The Light Body School is approved for Continuing Education Units for Licensed Professionals including Social Workers, Professional Counselors, Nurses, and Massage Therapists.

The Light Body School – Shamanic Energy Healing Courses
Shamanic ceremony links you to an ancient lineage of energy medicine men and women who support you on your healing journey and energy medicine work.  Through experiential exercises, you will develop your abilities to:

  • Directly connect with the energy matrix of the cosmos to work with grace, power and beauty in the world
  • Use the shaman’s way of seeing and tracking to find the causes of disease
  • Heal the soul to facilitate profound change in yourself and others
  • Venture outside of time and space to heal events that occurred in the past or find a more desirable destiny

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