Walk the Ancient Paths of the Shaman

“When you follow your bliss, doors will open where there were no doors before.” – Joseph Campbell

Shamans access unique states of consciousness through rituals and ‘soul’ journeys that allow them to heal events that occurred in the past, and to dream into being an auspicious future for their loved ones.

Shamans also journey to sacred places, far away from the noise of everyday life. There, in stillness, they can feel the soul’s longing to comprehend their brief journey here on Earth. Every year Marcela and I return to Peru and lead breathtaking expeditions where every step becomes a meditation and serves to reflect myriad facets of your soul. Your interaction with the mountains and the native people offer a mirror of the depths of your being, and to strengths and gifts you may not recognize.

Sacred travel shows you that when you find beauty in the landscape, it’s a mirror of the beauty that resides within you; when you face adversities, hiking at altitude to a sacred archeological site, they mirror the internal conflicts we might be living. You embrace every moment as an opportunity to grow, and to understand that the world is not just a place but an echo of who you are.

You understand the true meaning of “following your bliss.”

Expeditions to sacred Peru immerse you in breathtaking nature, ancient culture, and the origins of shamanic wisdom. Whether you have participated in one of the master classes offered by the Four Winds Society, or simply feel called to connect with the ancient medicine ways, our journeys will expand your mind and heart. The mountains of Peru hold powerful healing energies that will bathe you in their wisdom.

Each expedition offers an experience of the majesty and power of the birthplace of the Inka, and connects you with the magical land that spawned the most ancient medicine. Part educational, and part immersive, each expedition is  filled with spiritual teaching, initiations, and transmissions linked to sacred temples and power places.

As we sit together in ceremony and receive great rites of passage connecting us to ancient wisdom traditions, we commune with mother earth and summon the highest dimensions of our spirits.  As we visit millenary temples to pray and meditate, we tap into a cosmic body of wisdom held by sacred places of power, where men and women gathered for millennia, seeding energy so palpable and extraordinary that it awakens divine qualities within us today.

When you feel the call to explore the sacred lands of Peru, I’ll be there waiting for you. . .

Alberto Villoldo PhD