Daily Schedule – Energy Medicine



Day One Start South

  • Overview of Medicine Wheel
  • Shedding the Past the Way the Serpent Sheds her Skin
  • The Mythology of the Feminine
  • Energy Medicine Overview
  • Epigenetics: You are not your Genes, you are your Dreams
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Opening Sacred Space


Day Two

  • Anatomy of the Luminous Energy Field
  • The Four Directions and Four paths of the Shaman
  • Ayni- Coming into Right Relationship
  • The Levels of Engagement
  • Healing Three Great Wounds
  • The Brain and Scarcity, Anger and Violence
  • Creating the Neural Networks for Health
  • Shaman’s Agreement with Spirit
  • Shamanic Rites of Passage: Bands of Protection


Day Three

  • Breathing & Meditation Practices
  • Tracking Energy Flows in the Body – Applied Kinesiology
  • The Sand Painting as a Mythic Tool
  • Time and The Four Brains
  • Shamanic Rites of Passage: The Nature Archetypes


Day Four

  • Anatomy of the Chakras
  • Transforming Emotional Wounds into Sources of Compassion
  • Resetting fight or flight
  • The Illumination Process
  • Combusting Toxic Energies in the Chakras
  • Tracking/Reading the LEF
  • The Mesa or Altar
  • Clearing the LEF (Kutti)
  • Shamanic Rites of Passage: Seers Rites


Day Five

  • Supervised Energy Medicine Practice.
  • Creating the Energetic Conditions for Health
  • The Neuroscience of Enlightenment
  • The Brain and Scarcity, Anger and Violence
  • Detox and Repairing Mitochondria
  • Switching on the Longevity Genes
  • Re-setting the Death Clock in every Cell
  • Shamanic Rites of Passage: Healers Rites – Awakening the Hands


Day Six

  • Supervised Energy Medicine Practice.
  • Neuro-nutrients that Repair and Upgrade the Brain
  • Sacred Maps to Healing and Health
  • How your Beliefs Create Reality
  • Shamanic Tracking Practice
  • Evening Free


Day Seven Start West

  • The Shadow – the hidden parts of ourselves
  • Testing the chakras – Harmonic Attunement
  • Healing the ancestors – our genetic legacy
  • Stories of three ancestors


Day Eight

  • Supervised Energy Medicine Practice.
  • The Ancestors Gifts
  • Mapping the energies of family constellations
  • Tracking where the ancestors live in your body and LEF
  • Clearing (extracting) the luminous strands of the ancestors


Day Nine

  • Supervised Energy Medicine Practice.
  • Honoring the ancestors – feast, fire and altar.
  • Tracking skills
  • Assemblage points, access, bridge, torus
  • Perceptual States


Day Ten

  • Supervised Energy Medicine Practice.
  • Karmic journey – visiting former lifetimes
  • Death Rites & Eulogy
  • Mythic Story to practice Perceptual States


Day Eleven

  • Supervised Energy Medicine Practice.
  • Demonstration Stone Tracking
  • Practices of the Jaguar
  • Triangle of Dis-empowerment
  • Shamanic Rites – Daykeepers


Day Twelve

  • Supervised Energy Medicine Practice.
  • Walking with Protection – skills
  • Exploring the Jungian Shadow
  • Collective, personal shadows and how they create fear
  • Stepping beyond fear –Jaguar Medicine


Day Thirteen

  • Supervised Energy Medicine Practice.
  • Owning your Shadow
  • The Shadow as Initiation
  • Helping our clients during the ‘dark night of the soul.’
  • Fire Ceremony


Day Fourteen

  • Supervised Energy Medicine Practice.
  • There are no safe places, only safe people
  • Tracking and cutting energetic cords
  • Afternoon and evening free.


Day Fifteen start North

  • Supervised Energy Medicine Practice.
  • The Three Mystery Teachings
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • Responding to the Call
  • Becoming the storytellers and not the story
  • The practices of Invisibility – allowing yourself to be seen


Day Sixteen

  • Mastery of Time
  • Stepping into Infinity, outside of time
  • Shamans as calendar makers
  • Introduction to Soul Retrieval
  • Journeying to the past to find the source of soul loss
  • The original wound
  • Fate vs Destiny


Day Seventeen

  • Supervised Energy Medicine Practice.
  • Journeys and maps to the Lower World
  • Archetypes and myths – Persephone, Inanna
  • Trauma is how we remember what happened…
  • Discovering the four chambers of the soul


Day Eighteen

  • Supervised Energy Medicine Practice.
  • Shedding our roles in the fire
  • Journeys and maps to the Upper World
  • Soul Retrieval Journeys
  • Fire Ceremony


Day Nineteen

  • Supervised Energy Medicine Practice.
  • Soul Retrieval Sacred Drama
  • Integrating newly-found soul parts
  • New soul contracts
  • Word deconstruction – breaking out of the old story


Day Twenty

  • Mythic maps
  • Shamanic Rites – the Wisdom Keepers
  • Reading the signs of destiny
  • Turning adversity into opportunity
  • Divination and becoming divine
  • Ancient tools – the I-Ching, Tarot
  • Shamanic tracking skills
  • Psychic fair-play


Day Twenty One

  • Advanced mythic mapping skills
  • Chaos theory and the butterfly effect
  • Perceiving the inner nature of things
  • Reading the signs of nature in random events
  • The art and skills of the medical intuitive
  • Evening free


Day Twenty Two start East

  • Supervised Energy Medicine Practice.
  • All perception is projection of an internal map
  • Charting mythic maps
  • Discarding limiting beliefs
  • Shamanic Tracking – the way of the Seer
  • Tracking practice


Day Twenty Three

  • Advanced mythic mapping skills
  • Tracking Destiny
  • Journey to the Upper World
  • Mapping the Upper World
  • Knocking on Heaven’s Door
  • Meeting the Gatekeeper


Day Twenty Four

  • Assisting the dying
  • The energetic glues that bind the LEF to the body
  • The great death spiral
  • Recapitulation and life review
  • Forgiveness
  • Creating sacred spaces (Huacas)
  • Life transits – shamanic alchemy
  • Death rites


Day Twenty Five

  • Assisting a loved one who has passed years before (retroactive death rites)
  • Tracking destinies and anchoring them in a clients time-line
  • Tracking future healed states
  • Dreaming the world into being
  • Getting out of this life alive
  • Mapping the territory beyond death


Day Twenty Six

  • Supervised Energy Medicine Practice
  • Distant viewing practices
  • 7 Chakra Illumination
  • Mastering time: working in the timeless now
  • The 22 archetypes of humanity
  • Supervised Energy Medicine Practice.


Day Twenty Seven

  • Supervised Energy Medicine Practice
  • The creative power of the shadow
  • The man’s archetypal journey to wholeness
  • The woman’s archetypal journey to wholeness
  • Initiation as healing
  • The sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine
  • Closing Fire Ceremony


Day Twenty Eight

  • Review of the Energy Medicine Skills
  • Building your practice
  • Bringing your gifts to the world!
  • Lunch Graduation Party