Go indigenous, go native, get away from the beaten path.

Sit in ceremony with the Wisdomkeepers and receive great initiations and rites of passage that connect us to an ancient wisdom tradition – a wisdom tradition for communing with mother earth and for embracing the highest dimensions of your spirit.

Experience grand temples where we pray and meditate, where we tap into that great cosmic body of wisdom in sacred space.

In these ancient places where men and women have gathered to pray for millennia, where their energy is so palpable and so extraordinarily strong, we can awaken the divine qualities within us.

The Four Winds offer a variety of captivating expeditions throughout the year in order to bring people closer to the origins and practice  of shamanism

Please take a look at our events page to discover which expeditions are planned for the next upcoming months. If you have any questions or enquries regarding our expeditions, please get in touch with us at [email protected].


“The journeys we are making are not only archeological, and cultural, and anthropological, they are deeply transformative. The work we do in our journeys is to dream a new world in to being. If you want to be part of this revolution that is taking place today, where you are going to be informed directly into a global mission that we are all carrying to dream a new world into being, this is the laboratory that I want to invite you into, that I want you to come and join me in. Because here is where we incubate, not only our own healing but a new human that is appearing on the Earth today.”

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.